The first Collective Bargaining Agreement at Faber Castell in Peru

16 May 2016 09:30

The trade union of workers at Faber Castell in Lima, Peru, signed their first collective bargaining agreement with the management of the German multinational on 26th of April 2016. 

Among the achievements of the improvement of working conditions are wage increases during 2016-2017, payment of an allowance of 1,200 Soles (about USD 350) in case of death of a worker or a direct relative, bonds for the Father's Day, payment of bonus for workers who turn five years of work service and for education and retirement bonuses, plus a bonus due at the end of the negotiation. 

Regarding the labor benefits, Trade Union of AW Faber Castell Peruana S.A. agreed to implement routes of company-sponsored transport for workers who perform their job during the night, the allowance of a three days paid leave for workers in case of death of a relative in Lima and four days for those outside, in the provinces of the country. Similarly, the food will be provided for free to all workers and it will be regularly reviewed and improved jointly by the management and the union. With regard to the payment of overtime work, the National Labour Law will be applied. 

The signing of this first collective bargaining agreement in Peru reaffirms the commitment of this multinational company with the values set at the International Framework Agreement (Social Charter) signed by Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell (1941-2016) in 2000, the Building and Wood Worker´s International (BWI) and its affiliate in Germany, the IG Metall. 

The BWI sends its congratulations to the Trade Union of AW Faber Castell Peruana S.A. and to the General Management of the company in Lima for this Collective Bargaining Agreement, wishing them success in its implementation. Likewise, the BWI calls the attention of the Faber Castell to engage in this kind of constructive industrial relations process at the plant in Bogota in Colombia.