The Future of Work: An Interview with BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson

Union to Union (UtoU) Policy Advisor Nadja Yusuf interviews BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson on the future of work, asking in particular the challenges faced by unions in the changing world of work and the role that must be played by international development cooperation in helping unions respond and adapt to the new normal.

"The future of work is increasingly becoming a bargaining issue and unions need to understand how to forecast impact of digitalisation in workplaces and how to formulate demands and take up these issues in bargaining. Unions need to engage in dialogue with social partners to understand the impact of digitalisation on rights and push for the adoption of international standards and national regulations. I think we cannot move to the future of work without workers being involved in defining a just transition that takes into account the social, labour and environmental impact of change," Yuson said.