Türkiye: 7 million workers to enjoy increased minimum wage

Beginning in July, seven (7) million Turkish workers will be paid a minimum wage of TL 11,402, a TL 2,896 rise over the country's current minimum wage. This was the result of last June's negotiations between YOL-IS President Ramazan Agar and the Minimum Wage Determination Commission.

The TURK-IS Confederation, which includes BWI affiliates YOL-IS, CIMSE-IS, AGAC-IS, and ORMAN-IS, did not attend a meeting on 22 December 2022 to finalise the prevailing minimum wage, claiming that it did not fulfill the expectations of the working population.

Since the beginning of this year, BWI’s Turkish affiliates have been demanding an interim minimum wage increase to respond to the workers’ challenging economic situation.