UBUNTU: I Am What I Am to Women Workers and Trade Unionists

12 December 2017 13:15


At the BWI Global Women Leaders Forum, Dulilene de Morais, General Secretary of Marretta-CONTICOM-CUT from Brazil was one of five women leaders representing BWI affiliates participating in the morning plenary that focused on the role BWI women leaders have played in shaping their unions through innovative organizing campaigns and strategies.

Each of the participants were asked various questions including: What does the union mean to you, how do you understand your role in the union movement, what barriers have you faced as a woman leader and how have you overcome these barriers and finally, what kind of advice do you have for other women trade unionists?

At the conclusion of the session, General Secretary de Morais, shared the following video which gives much-needed visibility to women workers and trade unionists. Morais closed with the phrase: “UBUNTU” - I am what I am because of who we all are (African Philosophy).