Unia supports World Cup Workers in Qatar

31 July 2018 05:05

For many years the Swiss union Unia has supported the global campaign for workers rights at mega sporting events. In this video their president Vania Alleva tells us more about their engagement for the rights of World Cup workers.

English translation:

“The World Cup has just ended. This event has attracted again the attention of millions of people. The next world cup will be held in Qatar in 2022. The construction of infrastructure and stadiums is underway and unfortunately too many workers have already lost their lives on these sites.

Football is a great and exciting game. There are clear rules and Fair play is one of them. And it's this Fair play that we need on construction sites in Qatar.

For many years Unia and the Building and Wood Workers’ International defend the rights of the workers and fight against inhumane working conditions. And that with success: thanks to our pressure, FIFA must respect the rights of workers on the site. It has improved security and wages. We look forward to exciting football games in Qatar knowing that our international trade union work is already paying off.”