Upholding labour standards within FSC: An interview with Ivone Satsuki

11 July 2017 11:44

Ivone Satsuki Namikawa is a forestry engineer who works for Klabin, a Pulp and Paper Company located in Brazil. She has been in Kablin for 32 years and has a wide experience in Research and Development, Genetic Improvement, Environmental Standards and Sustainability.

She shares her views on the FSC system with BWI.

What is your role within FSC?

I am a designated representative for Klabin, member of FSC and Certificate Holder. I was a member of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian FSC Initiative for 6 years.

Since 2014 I am a member of the Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) at FSC International, in which I represent the Economic Chamber for the Global South.

What are the key challenges in the FSC system at the moment?

I see the main challenges in its complexity, with so many Standards, as well as the complexity of its governance. It needs to improve transparency and it needs to accomplish many different direction goals. The Global Strategy that it has set, needs to be implemented.

How has Rulita contributed to the FSC system?

Rulita has given the FSC a strong direction as a Board Member. As a Chairwoman, she has been managing all these difficult challenges by integrating all the issues expressed by the Board members. She has been key in integrating Board Members, FSC International Center Directors and the staff in the whole complicated process.

She has been contributing widely in the restructuring process of FSC.

Why should Rulita be re-elected as a member of the Board?

I think she is an important person in the Board to help maintain this direction of FSC towards more simplicity, transparency and credibility of the system as a whole.