Upholding labour standards within FSC - Interview with Nicholas Mujah

24 July 2017 10:45

Nicholas Mujah Anak Ason is the Secretary General of the ‘Sarawak Dayak Iban Association’ (SADIA) and Indigenous Association of Iban Ethnic of Sarawak State, Borneo Island in Malaysia.

He is also a Permanent Member of the Indigenous People’s Council within the Forest Stewardship Council (PIPC@FSC). He is part of the Technical Working Group for the Malaysian Oil Palm Certification Council (MPOCC). Nicholas shares his views on the challenges and prospects of the FSC system and Rulita’s role within it.

What is your role within FSC?

I’m member of the Permanent Indigenous People’s council @ Fsc Int.(PIPC) representing the South East Asia region.

What are the key challenges in the FSC system at the moment?

FSC in not able to convince, or get states (governments) to be seriously and active involved in the movement. It has also shown deficiencies to invoke stringent penalties or remedies for non-performance, non-compliance or violations of its policies, indicators and procedures.

How has Rulita contributed to the FSC system?

Rulita practices inclusiveness which is important to FSC integrity.

Why should Rulita be re-elected as a member of the Board?

Personally, I say she is a capable leader and she has been generally accepted by all chambers. She has shown herself as a leader for all stakeholders.