Victory for the #CUB55!

            This has been an iconic struggle for the Australian labour movement

Participants attending the BWI Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on Labour Rights, Trade Agreements and Migration were thrilled to hear that the 55 loyal CUB workers, whose six-month picket had highlighted the dangers of labour hire and contracting out, have been reinstated on full pay and union conditions. 

Allen Hicks, National Secretary of the Electrical Trades Union, told participants about the incredible victory. “This has been an iconic struggle for the Australian labour movement. The spirit and commitment of these men has inspired many across the world, and it’s a victory that will resonate with many struggling under insecure work arrangements.” 

BWI unions supported the #CUB55 by sending solidarity selfies holding the ‘Bitter Victorians’ logo (named after CUB’s iconic ‘Victoria Bitter’ beer), as well as committing to the boycott of CUB beers, ciders and spirits. Hicks thanked the participants whose unions had taken action. 

“This was a real David and Goliath struggle. During the course of the dispute the purchase of CUB’s parent company by AB InBev, the world’s largest brewing conglomerate, really raised the stakes. The solidarity we have seen from unions across the globe has been phenomenal, giving our workers the strength to keep on fighting.” 

BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson echoed Hick’s elation. “This victory will serve as a lesson to multinationals around the world. These workers have demonstrated their commitment to fight and stand strong throughout the entire struggle to secure their rights. We are inspired by their victory and and it will serve as a great example of what can be achieved when workers stand together.” The #CUB55 will return to work on Monday.