White Paper on Skanska’s Global Operations

25 October 2016 19:40


Skanska is one of the largest multinational construction companies in the world – a company with good reputation that claims to take social responsibility. Yet, Skanska has been involved in serious violations of workers’ rights in a number of countries. 

On the World Day for Decent Work the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) releases a white paper on Skanska's operations – including blacklisting of union members in the United Kingdom and poverty wages and unsafe working conditions in the United States. 


“Skanska has proven it can earn profits through sustainable business practices in Sweden”, according to BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson. 

“Now they need to demonstrate to the world that they can export this knowledge and teach the rest of the world how to be profitable and sustainable, our very existence depends upon it. Until Skanska take up this challenge they have demonstrated that they are a real risk to all socially motivated investors and consumers.” 

With the release of the report, the BWI calls on Skanska to work BWI and create monitoring and training teams to help expand Skanska’s Code of Conduct from Sweden around the world. This begins with a commitment to social dialogue with Skanska’s social partners both in Sweden and with BWI. 

Click here to download the white paper.