Women workers: Gender-based violence, a “second pandemic”

“Gender-based Violence is being considered a “second pandemic” in the region.”

This was the statement issued by Fabiana Santos, President of BWI’s Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Santos, who is also the Chair of the Group of 28 (Central America) and from FENTICOMMC-Dominican Republic, made the remark during a 29 September RWC meeting.

In the said meeting, the RWC observed that GBV cases in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia have increased by more than 50 percent during the COVID-19 lockdowns. To address this, the RWC approved a work plan focused on campaigning against GBV and the ratification of ILO Convention 190, and trade union training processes for women in the region. The said plan aims to prepare women trade unionists in the region for the 5th BWI World Congress.

The meeting was attended by Ricarda Martínez (SOCAMGLYP-Argentina), Chair of Group 26 (Southern Cone), Gumercinda Ángeles (SUTFACAP-Peru), Chair of Group 25 (Andean Area), Aline Chaves (SINTRACOM-Dourados-Brazil), Chair of Group 27 (Brazil), Shandra Harriott (BITU-Jamaica), Chair of Group 29 (Caribbean), Saúl Méndez, President of the BWI Regional Committee for LACR, Nilton Freitas, BWI Regional Representative for LACR,  Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary and several members of the BWI LACR-team.