World Day Against Child Labour: Calling for responsible natural stone industry

20 June 2016 13:44

Commemorating the World Day Against Child Labour, BWI General Secretary, Ambet Yuson called upon “All stakeholders – exporters, importers, suppliers, manufacturers including their supply chains, national and international stone certification agencies, unions and governments across the globe to ensure that no child labour is used in the extraction, processing and supply of stone.”

Yuson also called upon affiliates in the natural stone sector to reach out to the workers in a big way to organise and see to it that labour is accorded due respect and decent wages to prevent child labour being forced to augment meagre family earnings and being deprived of their right to quality education. 

For many years now, the BWI has been carrying out ground-level interventions across various child labour endemic countries in the world. The BWI has been expanding its work on child labour across geography and sectors and in recent times, made significant inroads in natural stone sector and established new networks and coalition to collectively work towards long-lasting resolution of the issue. 

The BWI is part of numerous networks on child labour worldwide and is also on the board of TFT-Dutch Responsible Stone Programme.  See hereunder BWI presentation on child labour in global supply chains. 

Please click here to upload the BWI Document "Child Labour in Global Supply Chain".