World Day Against child labour: Interview with Coordinator, BWI-Nepal Affiliates Committee in Nepal

18 April 2016 12:59

Close to 16,000 schools have been partially or completely destroyed in the earthquake affected districts.

This has made a big dent on our fight against child labour and the right of children to quality schooling.

We are thankful to the BWI including Rajeev Sharma for undertaking an urgent mission to Nepal immediately after earthquake to meet unions and assess damage to union(s) run Child Labour Schools and visit the parents and children in the affected districts.

Many schools have now been housed in temporary shelters that will take years of rebuilding and construction.

Some of the schools have been opened from 31st May.

Like any natural calamity anywhere in the world that results in a crisis-like situation

I call upon the workers and parents in Nepal also not to be deterred by their current difficult circumstances and ensure that children continue their education.

On this World Day Against Child Labour,

I urge the Government of Nepal to accord high priority to re-building and restoration of damaged schools in the affected districts.

I also take this opportunity to urge all the national and international trade unions and solidarity partners to strategise and work together in strengthening our fight against the problem of child labour and prevent exploitation of children in crisis situation.