Young unionist organises workers in Croatia

Young workers lead the way!

This was proven true in Croatia when BWI Regional Youth Committee member Tomislav Vusilović led a successful union organising campaign at VODOGRADNJA d.d. which resulted in 90 workers joining the Trade Union of Construction Industry of Croatia (SGH) and the establishment of a company-level union.

Vusilović started organising the company’s workers after its new owner took command of its operations. Out of 120 workers, 90 affiliated with SGH and founded a company-level union. On 22 May, union members held an election and elected three shop stewards, one of whom is Vusilović. Protecting their rights as workers under a new company owner was the driving force behind the successful union organising. 

SGH is pushing the company to respect the terms and conditions of the CBA for the construction industry. It was reported that the company failed to fulfill the requirements stated in the industry-wide CBA, such as failure to deposit overtime pay for the last 1-2 years. Union members are demanding compensation and are currently negotiating with the company.