Zimbabwe: ZCATWU held its 7th Congress at a challenging period for the Construction Industry

14 November 2017 13:07

From 9 to 10 November the Zimbabwe Construction And Allied Trades Workers' Union (ZCATWU) held its 7th statutory Congress in Harare. ZCATWU is one of the BWI affiliates in Zimbabwe that represents all workers in the construction industry.

In its report to the congress the General Secretary of the union Muchapiwa Mazarura apologies for the delay in convening the 7th Congress in terms of the constitution. This situation was a result of the seriously deteriorating construction industry in Zimbabwe to an extend that the membership of the union is being affected. Between 2010-2017 many companies have closed their business and many have retrenched. The union is still facing serious financial constraints that should be addressed by congress.

Despite these challenges, the union members, staff and leadership kept united and worked hard to achieve some tangible results that have been appreciated by the congress’s participants. Among others achievement the general secretary highlighted the employers and stakeholder engagements, the welfare of members through new health and safety policies adoption, the members housing scheme with the Construction Pension Fund and the purchase of properties.

Justine Jonas- Emvula, General Secretary of MANWU Namibia, delivered a solidarity message on the behalf of the regional leadership of BWI at the congress.

She extended Piet Matosa, the president of AFRECO congratulations to ZCATWU for the good work carried out in Zimbabwe and the key role played in Africa and Middle East for the construction workers.

The congress voted for new amendments of its constitution including the clause dealing with “Merger and amalgamation", the inclusion of the youth committee structure as constitutional matter. The new strategic plan 2018-2022 as well as resolutions and motions have been adopted before the election of new office bearers gender balanced.

New office of ZCATWU Zimbabwe

President: Mr. Fanuel Makuwaza

Vice President: Ms. Mary Chivige

Treasurer : Mr. Sibangani Magundhu

General Secretary: Mr. Muchapiwa Mazarura

Deputy General Secretary: Ms. Fozert Mugabe.