Turkey: CIMSE-IS pushes for increased women participation in union affairs

The Turkish Union of Cement, Ceramic, Pottery and Glass Workers (CIMSE-IS) held its 8th Women Convention on 25-27 October 2021. The convention, on its 8th year, continues to provide the union's women members a platform to meet and voice out their various demands and grievances. It is also a safe space for women workers to share their thoughts and information on labour, women and trade union rights.

CIMSE-IS has a concrete gender policy that actively promotes increased women workers’ participation in the union’s decision-making, problem-solving and policy-making structures. The union gets regular reports from its workplace representatives to monitor any kind of cases of mobbing and gender-based violence at workplaces. CIMSE-IS also pays extra attention to include necessary clauses to CBAs that raise awareness on gender-based violence as a respond to the increasing number of cases in Turkey.

CIMSE-IS pledges to increase the number of women workers in its union leadership structures, particularly in branch offices and workplace representations. It also wants to improve the working conditions of its women members and enhance their capacities on women programmes in the national and international levels.