Mauritius: CTSP and its affiliates achieve victory after 16 years

11 October 2019 15:21

The Confederation of Workers of Public and Private Sectors (CTSP) is the national center of CMWEU, BWI’s affiliate in Mauritius. The CTSP and its affiliates’ 16-year struggle to improve the living and working conditions of workers in Mauritius resulted in an astounding victory. Since February 2009, the trade union movement in Mauritius have been fighting for better protection of workers, when much of their rights were taken away with the introduction of an anti-workers’ Labour Law in 2009.

As a result of the CSTP constant pressure and mass demonstrations, on 5 October 2019 during the commemoration of the World Day for Decent Work, the Mauritius Government through its Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Workers’ Rights act 2019, repealing and replacing then Employment Rights Act 2008. This is an historical achievement for the trade unions in Mauritius because the clauses in the new Labour Law will protect workers’ rights, reduce precarious work and guarantee social protection for workers.

In the construction sector, the agreement between the CMWEU and the Association of Local Employers of the Construction Sector (BACECA) saw a 22 percent increase across the board. This has now been extended to the whole construction cector, covering all workers including migrant workers.

The Landscaping Sector employing 95 percent of female workers has been integrated under the Construction and Civil Engineering. As a result, women workers will now benefit from a 50 percent increase in their wages.

Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of BWI congratulated the CTSP and its affiliates stating, “Your hard-fought struggle for the past 16 years has resulted in incredible success. We congratulate you and the entire trade union movement in this victory. Now the next battle is to ensure the implementation of the Act and we hope that all companies would abide by this new legislation.”