North Macedonia: New Collective Agreement is signed for forestry workers

31 August 2019 11:19

26 August 2019:  The Trade Union of Forestry, Wood Industry and Energy Workers of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (SIDEMK) signed new collective agreement with Public company “Nacionalni sumi” (National Forest Company). 

The new collective agreement was signed by SIDEMK president Dr. Zivko Mitrevski, General Director of “Nacionalni sumi” Mr. Zoran Georgiev, and President of company board Mr. Milutin Ristevski. The new collective agreement covers 2,500 workers in the forest sector, provide additional social benefits to workers and guarantees labour rights. 

“The first collective bargaining agreement with “Nacionalni sumi” was signed in 2006, and during last thirteen years of SIDEMK’s engagement with the company, we see positive changes for workers and their families. Negotiations with management is always a tough process, and as trade unionists we need to be very consistent in our demands to ensure that our members get better working conditions,” said Dr. Zivko Mitrevski, SIDEMK resident