Construction worker dies at Grand Paris Express Metro

(Photo: © Société du Grand Paris / Cyrus Cornut)

A construction worker died at the construction site of the metro line 16 of the Grand Paris Express in La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The 41-year old worker, who was an employee of the Eiffage construction company, reportedly fell in a grinding tank located 30 meters deep. 

The tragic accident, which happened December of last year, is currently being investigated by the La Courneuve police force. 

This is the first reported worker fatality at the Grand Paris Express site. A week before this, a serious accident was also reported on line 16, but on another site under construction.

The Grand Paris Express is a mega-project for a public transport network made up of four metro lines and intended to link the suburbs of Ile-de-France to each other.

As of last year, there are about 6,000 workers and 20 machines at the said worksites. 

It was reported that in 2019, the number of work-related accidents in the country increased to 655,715 new recognized claims (+ 0.6% compared to 2018).