"Philippines: Tripartite collaboration advances gender equality in construction on Women’s Day"

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD), the National Union of Building and Construction Workers (NUBCW) in the Philippines takes a bold step forward in advancing gender equality within the construction sector. NUBCW is set to host a “groundbreaking tripartite panel,” bringing together representatives from the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE), the Human Resource Senior Manager of JDS construction company and BWI as represented by its Asia Pacific Regional Education Officer, Marlon Quesada. 

The tripartite panel stands as a cornerstone of NUBCW's efforts to foster dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders. Together, they will explore innovative strategies aimed at enhancing inclusivity for women workers across all facets of the construction industry. By pooling expertise and resources, NUBCW’s seeks to address systemic challenges and pave the way for meaningful change.

“Construction is a male-dominated industry, hence, gender mainstreaming activities are part and parcel of NUBCW’s programs,” said Santiago Nolla, NUBCW Secretary General. 

"Through initiatives like this, we can dismantle barriers and create a more equitable environment where women workers can thrive."

NUBCW said that the tripartite panel could be a unique opportunity to leverage collective wisdom and experience in driving tangible outcomes for gender equality. It is envisioned as a platform for sharing best practices, identifying gaps, and charting a course towards a more inclusive future for women workers in construction.

“We are looking forward to gain more insights on how the construction industry can be more inclusive to women workers - from training to employment and career promotion considering the present gender barriers and stereotypes,” said Tes Borgonos, NUBCW Education Officer.  

As NUBCW celebrates women’s month, it invites women safety practitioners and skilled workers from the construction industry to join its discussion. The union hopes that they can be catalysts for change, shaping a more inclusive and equitable world of work for all.