Photo Contest: Decent Work. Better Future

BWI is inviting all its affiliates to join the “Decent Work. Better Future.” Photo Contest to promote awareness on the importance for all workers to have decent work to secure a better future for them and their families. 

Under the “one photo, one caption, one story” guideline, all BWI trade unionists who have an eye for photography are encouraged to submit their entry photo accompanied with a caption to share their thoughts and vision on decent work and a better future for working people.  

This event is an initiative by the BWI Youth. 

To join, please read below the mechanics. 

1. Send us a photo that you have taken together with a text caption (350 words max) that best describe our 7 October campaign slogan "Decent Work. Better Future." 

2. Write your caption in the language you are most comfortable with. 

3. Photos and their accompanying captions will be judged based on 1) adherence to the campaign slogan, 2) uniqueness of concept,  3) clarity of story and message, and 4 audience appeal. 

4. All winning photos will receive prizes from the BWI National Office. BWI will also use the winning photos for its campaign and education materials.

5. Send your entries to with the title "Photo Submission." Please indicate your name, trade union, country and contact details. 

6. Deadline of submission is on October 10.