Ukraine: Regierung zurückgetreten; Möglichkeit, den Entwurf des Arbeitsrechts erneut zu prüfen

05 March 2020 18:37

Ukraine: Government Resigned; Chance to Re-Visit Draft Labour Law


Globale Solidarität mit ukrainischen Gewerkschaften

04 March 2020 11:13

Global Solidarity with Ukrainian Unions


Kroatien: Neue Vereinbarung mit chinesischem Unternehmen CRBC

10 February 2020 08:38

Croatia: New CBA with Chinees CRBC company signed


Nürnberg, Deutschland: BHI – IGM zu IFAs

10 February 2020 07:13

Nuremberg, Germany: BWI – IG Metall Annual Coordination Meeting on the implementation of International Framework Agreements


Interview mit der jungen Aktivistin Kamara Raymond

04 February 2020 18:28

Interview with Vasyl Andreyev, PROFBUD president, Ukraine.


Solidarität an Gewerkschaften in der Ukraine

03 February 2020 11:00

BWI leaders send strong support and solidarity to trade unions in Ukraine


Finnland: Waldarbeiter im Streik – Keine Arbeit ohne Entschädigung

30 January 2020 14:11

Finland: Forestry workers on strike – No Work without Compensation


Deutschland: Erhöhung des Mindestlohns für Beschäftigte des Baugewerbes

20 January 2020 17:31

Germany: Minimum wage increase for construction workers


BWI Statement on Labour law revisions in Ukraine

14 January 2020 14:16

BWI Statement on Labour law revisions in Ukraine


Ukraine: Neues Arbeitsrecht – schlechte Nachrichten für Arbeitnehmer

11 January 2020 10:45

Ukraine: New Labour Law – Bad News for worker in the New Year


Brasilianische Nationale Kontaktstelle versagt nach Staudamm-Katastrophe bei Arbeitern und Justiz

20 December 2019 14:36

Brazilian National Contact Point fails workers and justice after dam disaster


Ukraine: 16 days of activism against gender-based violence

17 December 2019 08:31

Ukraine: 16 days of activism against gender-based violence


Global action condemns trade union repression in the Philippines

13 December 2019 09:37

Global action condemns trade union repression in the Philippines


Frankreich: Massive Streiks gegen die Rentenreform der Regierung

09 December 2019 08:50

France: Massive strikes against government pension reform


Albanien: Stärkstes Erdbeben seit 40 Jahren

06 December 2019 10:44

Albania: strongest earthquake in 40 years hit the country


Just Transition ist Schlüsselthema beim europäischen Regionalausschuss der BHI

25 November 2019 08:56

Just Transition key issue at BWI European Regional Committee


Organisation von Jugendleitern in Paneuropa auf dem Vormarsch

25 November 2019 08:38

Youth lead organizing drives in Pan Europe


Hong Kong: A ‘Bar Bender’ in the movement

20 November 2019 09:08

Hong Kong: A ‘Bar Bender’ in the movement


Deutschland: Konzentration auf die Einführung des IFA bei Wilkhahn

07 November 2019 21:33

Germany: Meeting on the implementation of the IFA with Wilkhahn


Österreich: 20. GBH-Kongress „Fair Work 4.0 - Better Life“

06 November 2019 08:33

Austria: 20th GBH Congress “Fair Work 4.0 – Better Life”.


Kyrgyzstan: Union vows to remain united despite pressure from government

16 October 2019 15:34

Kyrgyzstan: Union vows to remain united despite pressure from government


UNITE-Protest gegen Praktiken von Costain SKANSKA

08 October 2019 11:55

UNITE the Union, has stepped up its campaign against union busting practices of Costain SKANKSA Joint Venture (CSJV) with a series of demonstrations.


Russland: Start der Kampagne für menschenwürdige Arbeit für Wald- und Forstarbeiter

19 September 2019 10:12

Russia: Decent Work for Forestry Workers Campaign is launched


Ukraine: Subregionale Konferenz über die Rechte von Wanderarbeitern

12 September 2019 09:35

Sub-regional conference on Migrant Workers’ Rights held in Ukraine


Offener Brief an die Unternehmensführung der IKEA Industry

09 September 2019 10:49

Open Letter to IKEA


Women trade union leaders meet in Skopje to fight for gender equality

07 September 2019 07:11

Women trade union leaders meet in Skopje to fight for gender equality


North Macedonia: New Collective Agreement is signed for forestry workers

31 August 2019 11:19

North Macedonia: New Collective Agreement is signed for forestry workers


Ukraine: Das Haus der Gewerkschaften wiederaufgebaut

10 July 2019 06:06

Ukraine: The Trade Union house Rebuilt


Frauenstreik legt Schweiz lahm

26 June 2019 16:10

Women’s Strike in Shuts Down Switzerland


Konvention über Gewalt und Belästigung: Bahnbrechende IAO-Normen angenommen

22 June 2019 08:14

Breakthrough ILO standards on Violence and Harassment Convention adopted


Philippinen: In der Arbeitswelt darf Mord keinen Platz haben

21 June 2019 07:55

Philippines: Murder has no place in industrial relations


PHILLIPINES: BWI condemns murder of Trade Union Organizer

19 June 2019 08:38

PHILLIPINES: BWI condemns murder of Trade Union Organizer


BHI startet wissenschaftliche Studie zu den Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf Arbeitnehmer im Baugewerbe

19 June 2019 07:34

BWI Launches Scientific Study on impact of digitalisation on workers in construction


First BWI International Youth Committee Meets to Develop Global Youth Action Plan

30 May 2019 10:32

First BWI International Youth Committee Meets to Develop Global Youth Action Plan


BWI Affiliates meet MNCs’ top management to strengthen workers’ rights

30 May 2019 09:45

BWI Affiliates meet MNCs’ top management to strengthen workers’ rights


28. April SERBUK - Ardan aka Kiting

28 April 2019 13:23


28. April: PSWU Ghana

27 April 2019 07:10


28. April SERBUK: Khamid Istakhori

26 April 2019 06:59


28. April SERBUK: Tri Joko Susilo

24 April 2019 09:50


28. April : FTBBF Burkina

24 April 2019 09:39


Kyrgyzstan: Hands off Trade Unions!

23 April 2019 13:20

On 12 April 2019, the Kyrgyz governmental working group on amending the trade union laws published its latest draft law on trade union rights. The proposal will seriously hinder the possibilities to organise and bargain collectively.


28. April : Holz Gewerkschaft Russland

23 April 2019 11:00

IWMD : Timber Workers' Union


Israel: Crane operator gets compensation for illegal dismissal

18 September 2018 13:33

In 2016 the Israeli tower crane operator Keti Karolov got fired after refusing to continue working in stormy weather. Now, a court has ruled the dismissal illegal and that her employer violated safety rules.


BBC berichtet über hohes Selbstmordrisiko für Männer im Baugewerbe

14 September 2018 09:25

The British BBC News has released a video about the alarming prevalence of mental illness among men in the construction industry in the United Kingdom.


Treffen der BHI mit malaysischem Arbeitsminister verleiht Gewerkschaften bei SFI Rückenwind

13 September 2018 13:58

On 12 September a BWI delegation led by BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson met with the new Malaysian Minister of Human Resources, M Kula Segaran, leading to a major breakthrough on the 30 year struggle of workers at Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) for union recognition.


Women leaders share stories of struggle and success #Herstory

12 September 2018 13:58

Ivana Dimitrova was told that she was “too cute to work in a construction company” when she applied for a job at a construction company in Macedonia eight years ago. Her persistence paid off. Today she is in charge of the largest construction project in Macedonia and oversees a workforce of 700 workers. She is also the President of the local trade union organization with 2,000 members.


Women Show their Power in Trade Unions

12 September 2018 12:29

On 6-7 September, over 80 women from 21 countries around Europe came together in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to discuss trade union strategies to ensure gender equality and fight against gender based-violence and campaign towards pay equity.


Global learnings on decent work in mega sports events

10 September 2018 12:00

At an event organized by the Institute for Human Rights and Business in Tokyo on 10 September, BWI’s general secretary Ambet Yuson highlighted some of the knowledge learned from the BWI’s Sports-Migration nexus campaign to strengthen the rights of workers in mega-sports events.


BWI hails new measures in Qatar that protect freedom of movement for most migrant workers

08 September 2018 15:10

Yesterday 4 September, the Government of Qatar announced that it would enact legislation---Law No. 13 of 2018--that ends requirements for exit permits from employers for at least 1.5 million migrant workers.


Stop abusing workers at the Imperial Pacific construction site in Saipan

29 August 2018 20:47

Migrant workers building the Imperial Pacific casino and resort on the island of Saipan, which is part of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, have suffered abuses such as unpaid wages, severe injuries, and retaliation.


Arbeitsunfall im Al-Wakrah-Stadion in Katar

15 August 2018 21:24

The Building and Wood Workers’ International has been informed by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar that a 23-year old Nepalese man was killed yesterday morning, the 14th of August, while working on the project site of Al Wakram Stadium, one of the facilities for the 2022 World Cup games.


Chile: Young people fight against new precarious work law

14 August 2018 17:41

On the 9th of August about 700 people gathered in Santiago, Chile, to protest against the Young Statute – a new annex to the labour law which limits the rights of young workers between 18 and 24 years old.


Junge Arbeitnehmer aus dem asiatisch-pazifischen Raum im Fokus des Jugendgipfels in Manila

12 August 2018 07:11

A cross-sector Youth Summit held in Manila this week has helped to cement the struggles of young workers at the centre of the fight for global justice, according to the BWI.


UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZT! Junge Arbeitnehmer fordern Mitsprache an den Arbeitsplätzen und in den Gewerkschaften

12 August 2018 05:48

On this year’s International Youth Day, the BWI calls on unions to fight for decent jobs for young workers.


Gewerkschaftsmitglieder auf den Philippinen demonstrieren gegen Prekarisierung der Arbeitnion

09 August 2018 10:01

Hundreds of members of the Nagkaisa! Coalition, including members of BWI affiliate the Free Federation of Workers (FFW), have rallied outside the Philippines Senate in Manila on Tuesday 6 July, demanding the swift implementation of legislation to end contractualisation.


‘No to exploitation for investment’ – A perspective of BWI Africa Chinese MNC network

07 August 2018 18:13

The annual meeting of the BWI Africa Chinese network that was held in Nairobi from 22nd to 26th July 2018 brought together 38 participants from 20 unions and 14 countries in Africa organizing in Chinese multinational companies (MNCs).


"IT IS OUR TIME" declares youth of BWI Africa and Middle East

07 August 2018 17:57

The BWI Africa and Middle East have been working in promoting empowerment of young workers in the BWI sectors for the past 10 years.


Big win for elevator workers at Orona in Norway

03 August 2018 13:51

Norwegian elevator workers have won their fight for a collective agreement at the company Orona, the 5th largest elevator company in Europe.


Chinese companies need to respect worker rights in Africa

02 August 2018 08:17

While Chinese corporations spend billions in Africa unions on the continent are demanding respect for worker rights. An interview with BWI's Regional Representative for Africa and Middle East, Crecentia Mofokeng.


Dominican Republic: Workers take to the streets against attempt to cut social protection

01 August 2018 22:24

Construction workers in the Dominican Republic is fighting a legislative initiative that would cut their social security and leave thousands of retired workers without a pension.


BHI verurteilt Attentatsversuch auf philippinischen Gewerkschaftsführer

01 August 2018 08:31

The BWI strongly condemns the assassination attempt against labour leader Mr. Jessielou Cadungog earlier this week in Cebu, Philippines.


Unia unterstützt auf WM-Baustellen in Katar beschäftigte Arbeitnehmer

31 July 2018 05:05

For many years the Swiss union Unia has supported the global campaign for workers rights at mega sporting events.


Die BHI-Sportkampagne - ein Jahrzehnt des Fortschritts

30 July 2018 14:46

The BWI is launching the “Decade One Magazine” marking the first ten years of BWI’s work on mega-sporting events. The report describes the struggle of the BWI and its member unions to improve the conditions for workers employed at mega sporting events during the past ten years.


Press Release: The United Nations Agrees on a Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration

17 July 2018 07:36

For the first time ever, UN Member States have agreed on a multilateral framework for cooperation on the global governance of migration.


Cambodia: Charges dropped against labour and human rights activist Tola Moeun

13 July 2018 05:46

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court has dropped all charges against Tola Moeun, the director of the Centre for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights in Cambodia and a former BWI project coordinator.


World Bank issues guidance notes on the new Environmental and Social Safeguards

09 July 2018 17:34

New safeguards from the World Bank will help borrower countries uphold fundamental worker rights, decent employment and safe worksites.


Brazil: Trade unionists and migrant workers discuss new migration law on World Refugee Day

09 July 2018 14:58

On the 21st of June, the Trade Union of Workers in the Civil Construction of Porto Alegre (STICC POA) organized a public debate under the theme "The new Migration Law and the world of work: Humanitarian perspectives in a context of class struggle"


Malaysia: Razzien gegen Arbeitsmigranten nehmen wieder zu

30 June 2018 19:12

Less than two months after coming into power, the new Malaysian Government is preparing to resume raids on undocumented migrant workers on 1 July 2018.


Ausbeutung von Arbeitsmigranten und ihren Kindern in Kasachstan

28 June 2018 09:35

A new report from the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) finds evidence of widespread exploitation of both women, men, and children in forced labour.


Teilnehmer aller Altersgruppen beim niederländischen Marathon gegen Kinderarbeit

28 June 2018 07:15

On Sunday the 24th of June people from all over Belgium and the Netherlands joined the Child Learn Marathon for a child labour free world.


Neues Zentrum für Sport und Menschenrechte

27 June 2018 07:22

The goal of the new centre is to foster respect for human rights in relation to big sport events.


Media Release: Asia-Pacific workers demand an end to savage attack on Exxon/UGL workers

27 June 2018 06:42

Joint Media Release: The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) and Public Services International (PSI) Asia Pacific Regional Organisations


Neuer Bericht: Foulspiel der FIFA bei der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2018 in Russland

07 June 2018 11:26

The BWI today launches a report that reveals serious violations of workers’ rights at the stadium construction sites for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


Nationaler Kontaktpunkt der Schweiz lobt den produktiven Dialog zwischen BHI und FIFA über Katar

05 June 2018 22:30

On 5 June 2018, the Swiss National Compact Point (NCP) responsible for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises concluded its follow-up on the BWI complaint against FIFA that focused on the 2020 World Cup Games in Qatar.


MAY DAY 2018: Community Leaders Forum in Qatar

07 May 2018 15:26

April 30 2018 - On the eve of May Day in Doha, close to 200 participants attended the BWI “Community Leaders Forum on Workers’ Welfare in the Construction and Allied Sectors” in Doha, Qatar.


Tag der Arbeit 2018: Forum für Arbeitsmigranten in Katar

29 April 2018 08:55

For the first time, the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) commemorated International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD) in Qatar by supporting the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (ADLSA) 2nd National OSH Conference and participating in various site-level activities to raise awareness on safety and health.


Indien: Bauarbeitergewerkschaft TKTMS gedenkt Opfern eines Gebäudeeinsturzes in Cheyyar

18 May 2017 13:22

In the small town of Cheyyar in Tiruvannamalai district (Tamil Nadu State, India) the TKTMS union mobilised around 800 union members to extend solidarity with the victims of the Cheyyar building collapse.


Türkei: 418 Holzarbeiter im Streik

16 May 2017 03:49

The Turkish Wood Workers Union (AGAC-IS) went on strike on 12 May demanding a pay increase and to defend their right to collective bargaining.


Präsident des südkoreanischen Gewerkschaftsdachverbands mit FNV-Gewerkschaftspreis ausgezeichnet

11 May 2017 05:12

Han Sang Gyun, President of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), is the recipient of the annual Febe Velasquez Trade Union Award, awarded in absentia at the FNV Congress


Global unions advocate a strong dialogue with LafargeHolcim

09 May 2017 05:03

IndustriALL Global Union and Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) attended the annual shareholders meeting of LafargeHolcim on 3 May 2017, demanding tangible progress in negotiations of the Global Framework Agreement (GFA).


Interview: Brazilian unions are still struggling to guarantee the indemnification of workers who were victims of the collapse of the dam in Mariana

08 May 2017 03:41

On November 5th , 2015, Brazil was shocked to hear the news on the collapse of the Fundão dam, at the Germano plant in the city of Mariana, state of Minas Gerais. The dam was the responsibility of the company Samarco whose owners are the Brazilian Vale S.A. and the Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton.


Sechs Tote und 25 Verletzte bei Turmkranunfall in Südkorea

02 May 2017 12:10

BWI’s affiliate in South Korea condemned the accident and called for the implementation of fundamental measures to prevent future tragedies. Below is the translation of the official statement form the KFCITU.


India: BWI Affiliates petition Indian Government for listing of Chrysotile Asbestos in the PIC List

28 April 2017 09:59

BWI affiliates in India have strongly petitioned the Indian Government to support the listing of Chrysotile Asbestos in the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedure for Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade.


Public Forum on trade union role in securing a peaceful election for National cohesion and development in Ghana

27 April 2017 10:39

Construction and Building Material Workers’ union (CBMWU) of Ghana will hold a public awareness in Accra on unions contribution on peace keeping and development for trade unions members and activists and large public.


UTBTPBSP in Gabon focuses on Work place Campaign on health and safety

27 April 2017 10:36

UTBTPBSP in Gabon will have a Work place Campaign on health and safety to create avenue for social dialogue between workers and management around OHS issues.


TWU organizes a Work place OHS Campaign in Ghana

26 April 2017 10:33

TWU wishes to create avenue for social dialogue between workers and management around OHS issues for union activists and Companies Management at MELGREP Company Limited in Tema Ghana.


Public Conference on OHS regulation in Nigeria

26 April 2017 10:31

CCESSA in Nigeria will create awareness on updated health and safety regulation in Abuja for nion leaders and OHS committee members.


Brazil: International Solidarity with the General Strike April 28th

20 April 2017 05:07

The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has followed with big concern the legislative initiatives promoted by the Brazilian Government in labor relations and social security.


Malaysia: SFI-Arbeitnehmer streiken für ihre Löhne

21 March 2017 09:28

Workers at Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) are elated, after their almost two week-long picket has now resulted in all workers being paid their back wages this morning. Members of the Sabah Timber Industry Employees Union (STIEU) have endured baking tropical heat and have survived off donations and collective goodwill and solidarity, demonstrating to SFI that they will not back down.


ALU women in the Philippines join BWI in calling for an end to violence against women

20 March 2017 10:49

The Associated Labor Unions Committee on Women (ANCW) members gathered on 8 March 2017 in Diliman, Quezon City to commemorate the International Women’s Day with the theme, “Developing Women Trade Union Leadership in Responding to Gender-based Violence”.


Die BHI und das Union-to-Union Projekt 2014-2016: Mehr als 20.000 Arbeitnehmer von PIP-Partnerschaften und chinesischen Multinationalen gewerkschaftlich organisiert

17 March 2017 09:25

Johannesburg in South Africa and the Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge hosted from 6 to 7 March the evaluation and redesigning workshop of the BWI-Union to Union – SBTF trade union development project for Africa.


Malaysia: SFI workers picket for their wages

16 March 2017 14:47

Workers at Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) in Sipitang, Sabah have been picketing for eight days now, demanding action on unpaid wages, health and safety and union recognition. They have not yet received their wages from last month and their employer retirement contributions have gone unpaid since November 2016.


BWI Africa & Middle East Regional Presidium affirms its commitment on 4th World Congress

15 March 2017 05:58

The 1st Africa and Middle East Regional Presidium met in Cairo, Egypt on 8 – 10 March 2017 officiated by the Regional President Thamsanqa Piet Matosa, the members of the Presidium were warmly welcomed by one of the two Regional Vice President Abdel Monem El Gamal, President of the host union, the General Trade Union of Building & Wood Workers – GTUBWW.


Argentina: Great march against neoliberal government

14 March 2017 11:20

Tens of thousands of Argentine workers took the streets of this country against the neoliberal policies promoted by the right-wing government of President Mauricio Macri


Brazil: innovative South – South cooperation between Brazilian and Haitian Unions

14 March 2017 11:10

"This initial value is to help our brothers in Haiti," it was the first statement made by the president of STICC (Workers Union from the Construction Industries of Porto Alegre/ Brazil), Gelson Santana, when it was delivered almost USD 2.000 (about 115,000 gourdes, local currency) to the Haitian FENATCO (National Federation of Construction Workers) in Port-au-Prince.


South Asia: Trade Unions Commemorate International Women’s Day

13 March 2017 11:47

To mark the International Women’s Day and strengthen women workers participation in the trade union movement, a number of BWI affiliated unions carried out events on 8th March 2017.


BWI contributes to new report on Violence and Harassment against Women and Men in the World of Work

12 March 2017 16:12

BWI contributed to the recently published ILO Report titled ‘Violence and Harassment against Women and Men in the World of Work: Trade Union Perspectives and Action’.


Providing equal opportunities for women in every sphere of life is crucial says Anjali from India

11 March 2017 12:14

Anjali, a 35-year-old widow working in the construction sector from a young age is based in Tamil Nadu, the Southern State of India.


Statement from CCESSA Women in Nigeria on 2017 IWC

08 March 2017 13:00

Discrimination against women has become the order of the day in so many work places globally. Women are subjected to abuses of various kinds either directly or indirectly and this has to stop by making our voices heard.


International Women’s Day: BWI Addresses Gender-based-violence at the workplace

07 March 2017 12:43

In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, the BWI is highlighting one of the most persistent human right violations in our contemporary world: Gender-based-violence (GBV).



06 March 2017 09:38



Three KPCWU union officials arrested

01 March 2017 13:09

Despite the severe political crisis in South Korea, trade union repression continues. The Pohang Branch Court has issued warranties of custody for the three union officials, and the three union leaders are now under arrest.


SFI certification terminated as Sabah forestry’s reputation slips

27 February 2017 11:07

Members of the Sabah Timber Industries Employees Union (STIEU) are unsurprised that their employer, Sabah Forest Industries (SFI), has been stripped of another certification label for their continued refusal to recognise the union.


Global Unions and LafargeHolcim to develop Global Framework Agreement

20 February 2017 13:43

Global trade unions represented by IndustriALL Global Union and Building and Wood Worker's International (BWI) met with representatives of LafargeHolcim on 23 January 2017 to launch the process for developing a Global Framework Agreement.


Labour, protesting for food and jobs and for a change in the governance in Nigeria

10 February 2017 16:10

Thousands of protesting Workers on Thursday 9 February called on the Federal Government to create policies that would reduce the suffering of Nigerians and also provide food on their tables.


Mauritius : workers on the streets for their rights

06 February 2017 14:19

There were more than a hundred people marching in the streets of Rose-Hill in the afternoon of Sunday 5 February to shout their rage at a government that did not move a little finger to relieve the workers.


Malawi: BCCEAWU Elects First Woman President at its 5th Quadrennial Congress

23 January 2017 14:55

The Building Construction Civil Engineering and Allied Workers Union (BCCEAWU) of Malawi held its fifth quadrennial congress on 8 January 2017 in the city of Blantyre. This is the first time in the history of BCCEAWU that a female president is elected.


Reassuring labour standards in Veidekke ASAs Global Operations

10 January 2017 02:41

BWI signed an International Framework Agreement (IFA) with Veidekke ASA, Norway’s largest construction company, on 24 January 2017 renewing its commitment to labour standards and human rights.


Bangladesh: Trade unions reiterate rights-based approach at GFMD

16 December 2016 14:20

The 2016 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) was held from 8-12 December in Dhaka (Bangladesh), the first such forum take place since the adoption of last year’s UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Brazil: tribute to migrant construction workers

15 December 2016 14:50

On December 11th 2016, nearly 500 construction workers of Haitian nationality were honored by the Trade Union of Workers in the Civil Construction of Porto Alegre (STICC-POA).


Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar resolves to strengthen voice of Labour in trade negotiations

14 December 2016 12:12

The seminar began with a discussion on how trade and investment agreements have evolved from the WTO era to the new generation of agreements, and the threats those agreements present to workers and their rights, as trade union members, as citizens, and as political movements.


Chile: Hochtief dismiss 320 workers in Alto Maipo

28 November 2016 11:07

After more than 10 days on strike, the dispute for better working conditions continues in Chile. The large multinational company Hochtief still maintains its anti-union practices at the mega Hydroelectric Project Alto Maipo, in San José de Maipo, Chile.


Statement on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

25 November 2016 15:01

In light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, BWI recognizes the challenges that women face at the workplace


Marrakesh UN Climate Conference focuses on implementation of Paris Agreement

22 November 2016 03:48

Amidst considerable global uncertainty, COP22 focused on implementation and finance issues such as the Adaptation Fund and the principle national approach to climate change, Nationally Determined Contributions.


Social Justice and Climate Change

18 November 2016 11:16

COP22 must address the critical root causes of climate change: social injustice and market failure.


Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy and BWI sign MoU for joint inspections on 2022 FIFA World Cup projects

17 November 2016 14:23

15 November 2016 - The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), the organisation responsible for delivering the infrastructure required for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI).


Working towards an asbestos-free world

17 November 2016 14:16

Delegates at the Third Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency International Conference have expressed their concern at the unequivocal rise in the use of asbestos throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


South Korea: Massive protests call for president to quit following anti-union crackdown

17 November 2016 14:04

Last week up to one million people joined the protests in Seoul calling for the immediate release of imprisoned trade union leaders and resignation of Park Geun Hye.


Asbestos: Not here, Not anywhere!

14 November 2016 09:24

BWI and Australian affiliates commit to work towards a legal ban across the Asia-Pacific region.


Workers remain resolute as BWI-AP unions join #CUB55 boycott

14 November 2016 09:21

Over the past five months workers across Australia have been boycotting Carlton & United Breweries beers to support 55 CUB workers.


PRESS RELEASE: Global unions in solidarity with Korean workers’ fight for democracy

14 November 2016 09:16

A high-level delegation of global union leaders is joining demonstrations taking place tomorrow in South Korea to protest against the brutal crackdown on democratic rights and the criminalisation of trade union activity.


Zimbabwe : Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) held its 4th Women’s Conference

14 November 2016 09:10

The Energy Workers Union of Zimbabwe (ZEWU) a BWI affiliate in Southern Africa held its 4th women’s conference in the tourist resort town of Kariba from 21-22 October 2016.


Chile: Hochtief´s workers reach 6 days on strike

14 November 2016 09:04

"We only want to improve our working conditions and remunerations", this is what 1,000 workers on strike at Alto Maipo Project in Chile tell to the press and the company CNM-HOCHTIEF.


Brazil: one year after the accident that resulted in the death of 14 workers, families have not yet received full indemnification.

14 November 2016 09:00

On November 5 th, 2016, completed a year of Fundão dam break in the Mariana city, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.


Blackmail charges against CFMEU in Australia waste of time

14 November 2016 08:58

Charges of criminal blackmail that were laid against two officials from BWI partner union in Australia the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) are a waste of court time and resources and should be struck out immediately, a Victorian Magistrates Court has heard.


Ecuador: Unions call for building of more sustainable cities at UN Habitat III Conference

14 November 2016 08:48

About 35 thousand people attended the opening of the United Nations Habitat III Conference on the 17th of October in Quito, Ecuador.


BWI pushes Decent Work as part of the New Urban Agenda at Habitat III

14 November 2016 08:43

The 35-member BWI delegation consisting of trade union leaders from Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Panama, Sweden, and Switzerland and headed by Per-Olof Sjöö, president of the BWI pushed for the Decent Work Agenda during Habitat III.


Russia: 2018 World Cup News Digest – Дайджест Новостей Чемпионата Мира 2018

14 November 2016 08:25

In 2016, the BWI launched the 2018 World Cup News Digest.


Tennis legend Martina Navratilova urges sporting bodies to take responsibility for human rights

14 November 2016 08:23

International sporting organizations must take their responsibility to stop human rights abuses around mega sports events, the Czech-American tennis legend Martina Navratilova told.


Qatar: Robbed wages paid out to Filipino Workers at Mercury Engineering

25 October 2016 20:31

Last week 37 Filipino workers in Qatar finally got their up to 6-months delayed wages paid out by their employer – the international engineering company Mercury Engineering Qatar.


LafargeHolcim World Union Conference – Hyeres 19 October 2016

25 October 2016 20:27

Solidarity note for USW D-3 Staff in British Columbia


LafargeHolcim Trade Union Conference - Hyeres Declaration, 19 October 2016

25 October 2016 20:25

We, the workforce representatives of LafargeHolcim, representing workers from North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia, gathered in Hyeres and discussed our common issues, goals and needs.


AUSTRALIA: Three construction fatalities in four days

25 October 2016 20:22

BWI’s Australian partner union the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) is calling on the Turnbull Government to take health and safety for construction workers more seriously after three fatalities have shaken the industry.


PHILIPPINES: From Misery to Miracle - Rafael Ambrad’s Victory

25 October 2016 20:16

After almost a year of waiting the National Labour Relations Commission (NLRC) has decided in favour of 26-year-old migrant worker Rafael Alejo Ambrad, who stopped working after being permanently debilitated.


South Korea: Stop turning a blind eye to attacks on trade unions

25 October 2016 20:12

Hundreds of union members arrested and millions in unpaid wages before the construction for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.


Value Women's Work

25 October 2016 20:07

BWI's “Value Women’s Work” campaign bring together women amongst unions to advocate for greater gender equality and fair value for women’s work both inside and outside of the work place as well as within trade unions.


Philippines: Celebrating Women in the Building Trades – Commending Women in the Union

25 October 2016 20:04

Outreach and recruiting women workers in the construction industry in the Philippines is difficult and challenging.


AUSTRALIA: BWI Asia-Pacific shows support for #CUB55

25 October 2016 19:59

In an outpouring of support, workers from across the Asia-Pacific region have signalled their deep solidarity with the 55 Carlton United Breweries (CUB) workers, posing for photos with the ‘Bitter Victorians’ logo and sharing them across social media with #CUB55 hashtag.


Another death at the 2018 World Cup Stadium in St-Petersburg

25 October 2016 19:56

On 7th of October 2016 fatal accident happened on the World Cup Stadium in St. Petersburg.


2016 Olympics is over but death continues

25 October 2016 19:53

One worker died and another was injured in two accidents that occurred during the dismantling of the temporary structures of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2016 that took place this August and September.


World Day for Decent Work – Target the Multinationals

25 October 2016 19:51

World Day for Decent Work is a day when workers and trade unionists all over the world stand up for decent work.


White Paper on Skanska’s Global Operations

25 October 2016 19:40

Skanska is one of the largest multinational construction companies in the world – a company with good reputation that claims to take social responsibility.


BWI-LAC: Women accept the challenge of 30% of representation in BWI 2017 Congress

25 October 2016 19:31

The 10th BWI Regional Women's Committee Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean was headed by its President Marta Pujadas of UOCRA, Argentina.


Youth Ad-Hoc Group demand participation in BWI political discussions

25 October 2016 19:27

“Young people are one of the focus group of training and organization of BWI sectors. However, unfortunately, it is also the young people who often face problems at workplace due to poor working conditions and precarious employment.


11th Regional Committee Meeting: “Yes” to the Peace in Colombia and other deliberations

25 October 2016 19:19

The 11th BWI Regional Committee Meeting held in Panama City on September 28th discussed, among other issues, on the political, economic and trade union regional situation emphasizing the situation experienced by different democracies in the region.


FIJI: Flawed FSC decision rewards anti-union Government

21 October 2016 10:43

Almost two years after receiving a complaint lodged jointly by the ITUC and the BWI regarding three state-owned Fijian forestry companies, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have decided not to disassociate the firms, turning a blind eye to their anti-union behaviour.


Migrant workers' call for labour rights in Canada gets Swiss support

21 October 2016 10:37

Under the Harvesting Freedom-campaign migrant workers in Canada are calling for an end to the exploitation they are subjected to.


Colombia: GUFs, the BWI and peace are coming

21 October 2016 10:29

For years, the Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI) and other Global Union Federations (GUF), organizations who promotes human rights worldwide, organizations of the United Nations and the Inter-American system expressed their rejection of killings, disappearances, intimidation and persecution of trade unions leaders, social and human rights activists, who were victims of violence for nearly six decades in Colombia.


SOUTH KOREA: Tower crane operators granted bail

21 October 2016 10:26

On the morning of 19 September 2016 the Chief Judge in the Appellate Court accepted the union’s application for bail for the last two remaining KCWU (the Korean Construction Workers Union, affiliated to BWI’s South Korean affiliate the Korean Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions) tower crane operators.


BWI President and General Secretary meet workers at a Chinese MNC project in Maputo

21 October 2016 10:16

Maputo Bridge and the Accompanying Roads Project, a trunk highway extending from Maputo, capital of Mozambique, to the border of South Africa, is about 187km long.


BWI Africa and Middle East 3rd Regional Conference stands under Innovative Unionism

21 October 2016 10:08

BWI Africa and Middle East 3rd Regional Conference quick off on 14th September in Maputo.


Africa Regional Women Committee highlights Innovative Unionism

21 October 2016 10:03

The capital city of Mozambique Maputo hosted on 12 September, women from Africa and Middle East with a good representation of women from the Middle East for the Region Committee meeting chaired by Edna Opoku Boakye.


Maputo Mozambique : Africa Regional Youth Committee explores and bring forth innovations to Trade Unions

21 October 2016 09:58

Affiliates from Africa and Middle East called for a meeting in Maputo, Mozambique for young workers representatives on 12 September, 2016 to explore and bring forth innovations to Trade Unions in BWI industries.


BWI Africa Communication and Campaigns Network is effective

21 October 2016 09:43

As Related activity to the BWI Africa and Middle East 3rd Regional Conference, 22 delegates from selected BWI African affiliates attended to a Communications and Campaigns Training workshop in Maputo Mozambique from 12th to 14th September 2016.


Sub Regional Women’s Conference “Value Women’s Work”

21 October 2016 09:31

On 8-9th of September 2016, women trade union leaders from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Ukraine came to together to participate in the first BWI Sub Regional Women’s Conference “Value Women’s Work”.


11th Regional Committee Meeting: “Yes” to the Peace in Colombia and other deliberations

13 October 2016 14:58

The 11th BWI Regional Committee Meeting held in Panama City on September 28th discussed, among other issues, on the political, economic and trade union regional situation emphasizing the situation experienced by different democracies in the region with the atypical case of parliamentary coup against Brazilian President: Dilma Rousseff and accusations against former President: Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. Other topics discussed were the economic slowdown affecting the construction industry and the recent peace process started between the FARC and the Government of Colombia.


Korean construction workers’ leader sentenced to prison

10 October 2016 09:05

On Thursday the 8th of September the Seoul District Court sentenced Lee Jong-hwa, the president of Korean Plant Construction Workers’ Union (KPCWU), to six months in prison. He was charged with “traffic obstruction” during a peaceful protest against a regressive labour reform on the 17th of November last year which gathered 100,000 people on the streets of Seoul.


Fiji: Flawed FSC decision rewards anti-union Government

10 October 2016 08:53

Almost two years after receiving a complaint lodged jointly by the ITUC and the BWI regarding three state-owned Fijian forestry companies, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have decided not to disassociate the firms, turning a blind eye to their anti-union behaviour. A joint letter from BWI and ITUC takes issue with many aspects of FSC's decision not to disassociate the Fijian forestry firms.


Korean workers protest against police investigations

08 September 2016 11:25

On Tuesday 1,200 members of the Korean Construction Workers’ Union held a rally in front of the South Gyeonggi Police Office against unjustifiable investigations of the union.


Bahrain: Union safety campaign reaches out to migrant workers

08 September 2016 11:22

Representatives from the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) visited a work site of the Bahrain Steel Company on the 29th of August as part of their occupational safety and health campaign targeting migrant workers.


INDIA: 150 million of workers protest in a massive National Trade Union strike

08 September 2016 11:19

In a show of widespread solidarity across India around 150 million workers, including many BWI affiliates, organised a nationwide strike on 2 September 2016.


Korean unionists demand immediate release of imprisoned leaders

08 September 2016 11:16

On Wednesday September 7 a new hearing will be held in the Korean appellate court for the 15 leaders of the tower crane operators division of the Korean Construction Workers' Union (KCWU).


Electrical unions vote to support BWI Mega Sports campaigns

08 September 2016 11:14

The 4th Global Power Trade Union Congress, that was held in Chicago, United States last week has passed resolutions to support two of BWI’s global campaigns, the ‘Stop the Attacks on Korean Unions” and the ‘Red Card for FIFA’ campaign.


Russia: BWI and RBWU sign cooperation agreement with FIFA for Russia 2018

08 September 2016 11:06

FIFA, the Local Organising Committee (LOC), the Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI), and the Russian Construction Workers Union (RBWU) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate in ensuring decent and safe working conditions for the construction and renovation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ stadiums.


Ceremony to remember the lives lost for the Rio Olympics

08 September 2016 11:03

On July 28th trade unions from all over Brazil gathered to pay tribute to the workers killed and injured at Olympic worksites in Rio de Janeiro.


South Korea: “The world must wake up and see what is happening here”

08 September 2016 11:00

Since last year hundreds of trade union leaders and members have faced criminal charges for taking part in protests and union activities.


MALAYSIA: FSC disassociates from SFI/BILT over labour rights

08 September 2016 10:56

In a landmark decision the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) International Board of Directors have chosen to disassociate from Malaysian timber company Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) and their Indian parent Ballapur Industries Limited (BILT) due to repeated violations of the workers’ rights of members of the Sabah Timber Industry Employees Union (STIEU).


Justice for exploited Cambodians in Sweden

08 September 2016 10:52

The Cambodian migrant workers who were cheated of their salaries when planting trees in the forests of Sweden in 2014 will finally get their just compensation.


Olympics 2016: Unions pay tribute to the workers killed and injured at Olympic worksites

08 September 2016 10:46

On July 28th, 2016, trade unions from all over Brazil and researchers gathered to pay tribute to the families of workers who have become victims of fatal accidents or serious injury in the works of the Olympics 2016.


BWI Africa Regional Network on Chinese MNCs: Sharing experience and finding new ways to organize and bargain

08 September 2016 10:44

Johannesburg in South Africa has hosted the BWI Africa Network on Chinese MNCs from August 10 to 12, 2016.


Worker fell to death at 2018 World Cup stadium in St Petersburg

08 September 2016 10:39

On the 5th of August a 40 years old construction worker in St Petersburg was seriously injured after he fell from 4 meters height during construction work at the World Cup Stadium.


International Olympic Committee – IOC: eleven deaths, not even a word

08 September 2016 10:36

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) says it is committed to build a better world through sport. Just like FIFA, IOC is an independent, non-profit international organization.


INDIA: Building collapse claims nine lives in Pune

08 September 2016 10:34

The collapse of a 13th floor slab on a construction site on 29 July 2016 at Pune, Maharashtra State (India) has left nine workers dead and another five injured.


ASIA-PACIFIC: BWI-AP joins 94 other civil society groups saying NO to investors suing states in RCEP

08 September 2016 10:30

The Building and Wood Workers’ International Asia-Pacific has joined 94 other civil society groups saying NO to investors suing states in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement.


MALAYSIA: Intervention needed to dethrone the Judicial Review King

08 September 2016 10:22

Trade unions and labour organisations are appealing to the Malaysian Government to protect workers from litigious employers determined to prevent union recognition and frustrate the collective bargaining process, union leaders stated at a press conference today in Subang Jaya.


Protest action on the 2018 World Cup stadium in Kaliningrad

08 September 2016 10:12

Over a hundred workers started a protest action near the 2018 World Cup stadium in Kaliningrad on July 27.


Rio Olympics 2016: “Eleven Families Devastated”

08 September 2016 10:11

With these words, Alan Real, expressed the pain of losing his younger brother.


Turkish unions call for workers’ rights, democracy and peace

08 September 2016 10:01

The Building and Wood Workers’ International expresses its support to its Turkish affiliates who have issued a joint unified statement.


South Korea: First Appeals Hearing for South Korean Trade Unionists

29 July 2016 14:14

Last week, on July the first hearing in the appellate court for the 15 tower crane trade unionists who earlier this year were sentenced for “blackmailing” and “obstruction of business” for engaging in collective bargaining negotiations took place.


ACT NOW: Tell SFI to #RecogniseSTIEU!

29 July 2016 13:56

Members of the Sabah Timber Industries Employees Union (STIEU) working at one of Malaysia's largest timber companies, Sabah Forest Industries (SFI), have struggled for decades to have their union recognised.


Construction Workers Pay Tribute to Victims Killed at 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Worksites

29 July 2016 13:22

The ceremony “Lives lost at the worksites of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: Tribute to Workers” will be hosted on the 28th of July at 11am at the courtyard of Fiocruz, in Manguinhos-RJ


PAKISTAN: Tragic accident on Lahore orange line metro project

29 July 2016 13:14

A tragic accident occurred on Sunday 24 July 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan, when a crane struck a passing rickshaw, killing four civilians and injuring a further ten.


Global union leaders personally investigate victimisation of South Korean trade unionists

29 July 2016 13:09

Global union leaders will be in court in Seoul on Tuesday the 26th of July to witness the latest in a series of unjust show trials of South Korean union leaders.


Ghana: 11th Quadrennial Delegates’ Conference of PUWU: Ensuring an efficient and reliable service delivery in the utilities sector

29 July 2016 12:55

Public Utility Workers’ Union – PUWU of Ghana TUC and its national women committee successfully held their 11th and 3rd Quadrennial Delegates Conference at PSWU Center in Kumasi Ghana from July 10th to 12th 2016.


South Korea: Another Death at 2018 Winter Olympic Site

29 July 2016 12:49

On the morning of July 24, in Gangneung, South Korea an accident occurred at the construction site of the Ice Arene which is to serve as the venue for the Figure Staking and Short Track competitions for the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.


SFI: Don’t appeal! It’s time to #recogniseSTIEU

29 July 2016 12:47

Members of the Sabah Timber Industries Employees Union (STIEU) working at one of Malaysia’s largest timber companies, Sabah Forest Industries (SFI), have struggled for decades to have their union recognised.


Ghana: 11th Quadrennial Delegates’ Conference of PUWU: Ensuring an efficient and reliable service delivery in the utilities sector

19 July 2016 13:10

Public Utility Workers’ Union – PUWU of Ghana TUC and its national women committee successfully held their 11th and 3rd Quadrennial Delegates Conference at PSWU Center in Kumasi Ghana from July 10th to 12th 2016.


South Korea: Over 20,000 Construction Workers Participate in a One-day Strike

19 July 2016 13:05

On Wednesday 6 July over 20,000 members of the Korean Construction Workers’ Union (KCWU, an affiliate of the BWI affiliated Korean Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions (KFCITU) stopped work, holding a rally in the Seoul City Square to support their 18 demands to the government.


Investigation of Wage Theft after Strike at World Cup Stadium in Russia

19 July 2016 13:00

Workers at the 2018 World Cup stadium in St-Petersburg went on strike over unpaid wages on the 13th of July.


INDIA: Union reaches out to thousands of outbound migrants in India’s most populous state

19 July 2016 12:48

In recent years the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a major point of departure for thousands of migrants leaving India - each year close to 200,000 workers leave this state alone - for work in foreign destinations, particularly the Gulf region.


Philippine construction workers demand regular employment and union rights

19 July 2016 07:47

On Thursday 14 June 2016, 167 construction workers rallied in front of the office of their employer, Stages and Design Construction (SDC), demanding regular employment and an end to union busting.


11th Asia-Europe Peoples' Forum push for a more integrated union movement

19 July 2016 07:43

The 11th biennial Asia-Europe People's Forum (AEPF 11), titled "Building New Solidarities: Working for Inclusive, Just and Equal Alternatives in Asia and Europe" was held between 4-6 July 2016 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Pakistan: Health and Safety Negligence Results in 6 Deaths at World Bank-funded Tarbela IV dam

11 July 2016 11:50

Six workers (including three Chinese engineers) were killed and least 20 others were severely injured in a major accident at the Tarbela Extension Project (Phase IV), a dam project in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.


Building Union Power, Building Women Power

11 July 2016 11:32

The June 2016 conference, titled “Building the Successor Generation”, brought together 40 young women unionists from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, focusing on questions of women’s political visibility and equality in the workplace.


New agreement to promote Decent Work in Mega Sports Events

30 June 2016 10:43

Swedish unions and sports organisations have signed an agreement to ensure safe and decent working conditions for all workers involved in sports events.


Publication on Strategic reforms for CEE unions - Innovation and revitalization responses

30 June 2016 10:36

The state of trade unionism in Central and South East Europe is full of challenges.


Sabah timber thrilled

30 June 2016 10:32

On 27 July 2016, the Sabah High Court dismissed a judicial review case that had been filed by SFI/BILT, stating that the Minister had discharged his duty appropriately in compliance with the obligations of the Department of Industrial Relations.


BWI visits Pyeongchang site of 2018 Winter Olympics

30 June 2016 10:28

Last week, a delegation consisting of representatives of BWI affiliates from Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Sweden and Finland, along with BWI’s affiliate in South Korea KFCITU, conducted a site visit of construction project sites related to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.


Seoul Conference on Decent Work in Mega Sports Events

30 June 2016 10:19

BWI Asia Pacific’s Regional Conference (20-22 June 2016), titled ‘Decent Work in Mega Sports Events’, has highlighted issues regarding health and safety, migrant workers’ rights and the difficulties of subcontracting.


Rio 2016 Olympic Games: International Evaluation and Handover Conference on “Campaign for Decent Work Towards and Beyond the 2016

30 June 2016 10:02

About 40 union leaders gathered in Rio de Janeiro on 16 and 17 June to evaluate the strategies of the Campaign for Decent Work Towards and Beyond the 2016 Rio Olympics held during the preparation for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


BWI runs in the Netherlands for a child labour free world

20 June 2016 14:09

Every year the event in Schimmert Netherlands gathers more and more children and adults to run for a child labour free world.


Mega sporting events - Labour Rights and Human Rights

20 June 2016 14:06

Mega sporting events have the potential to help catalyze greater respect for human rights and international labour standards, and each major sporting event has the potential to bring lasting positive social impacts.


SFI Must Do The Right Thing: Drop the Proceedings and Recognise The Union

20 June 2016 13:54

Now that the Sabah High Court has adjourned its decision regarding the SFI/BILT judicial review case until 27th June, SFI/BILT should withdraw the proceedings preventing the recognition of the Sabah Timber Industries Employees Union (STIEU) to maintain their forest certification, according to the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI).


BWI demands the release of Myanmar Veneer workers

20 June 2016 13:49

On Thursday 19 May, 51 Burmese workers from a wood processing factory were arrested on charges of unlawful assembly and causing public disorder after police prevented them from marching in the Takton township, outside Myanmar’s capital Naypyitaw.


World Day Against Child Labour: Calling for responsible natural stone industry

20 June 2016 13:44

Commemorating the World Day Against Child Labour, BWI General Secretary, Ambet Yuson called upon “All stakeholders to ensure that no child labour is used in the extraction, processing and supply of stone.”


Montenegro SGIGMCG: Green construction – improving gender equality

20 June 2016 13:32

“Green jobs in construction gives a significant chance for a higher inclusion and participation of women in this sector, which is traditionally seen as male dominated.


Another strike over unpaid wages at 2018 World Cup stadium in Russia

20 June 2016 13:31

Turkish migrant workers working on the construction of the 2018 World Cup stadium in Rostov on Don went on strike over unpaid wages at the end of May.


11 workers killed in accommodation fire in Qatar

20 June 2016 13:25

Eleven South Asian workers in Qatar got killed and 12 injured in a fire that broke out in their living quarters on Wednesday night.


Manila tower crane collapses

31 May 2016 07:42

A tower crane in Makati, central Manila, has collapsed, injuring at least two individuals.


33,000 Cambodian workers to Qatar

31 May 2016 07:38

An agreement was reached on Wednesday 18 May between the Cambodian Labour Minister and Qatar’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, that Cambodia will send up to 33,000 workers to Qatar.


Suriname: Labour unions succesfully organised a mass manifestation

31 May 2016 07:25

Trade Unions associated with Ravaksur, the umbrella organization of the Labour Unions in Suriname, organized a protest manifestation on Paramaribo, capital of this country. C-47 and PWO, two BWI affiliates were among the major organizers of the manifestation.


Climate change in focus at GS Congress

31 May 2016 07:21

“Together we grow” was the theme at the congress of the Swedish forestry, wood and graphical workers’ union—GS – that was held this past weekend in the city of Västerås.


Support the union members fighting to save the forests of Cerattepe

31 May 2016 07:14

The water supply, jobs and rich forest in the Turkish district Cerattepe by the Black Sea is being thretened by a mining company seeking to exploit the land for gold, silver and copper.


Historic founding of new union federation in Spain

31 May 2016 07:04

On May 12-13 the Industry, Construction, and Agriculture Workers Federation, UGT-FICA in Spain held its founding congress.


FSC Upholds Workers Rights in SFI/BILT

31 May 2016 07:02

The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) welcomes yesterday’s decision by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in siding with workers at Sabah Forest Industries (SFI), a subsidiary of BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited in their long fight for recognition of their union, the Sabah Timber Industries Employees Union (STIEU).


UK: UCATT finds high levels of stress and mental illness among construction workers

31 May 2016 06:59

A survey amongst construction worker members of UCATT has revealed very real concerns about the prevalence of mental health problems in the industry.


Rio 2016: Olympics worksites are interdicted for unsafe working conditions

31 May 2016 06:56

Three months to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Regional Superintendence of Labour and Employment of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SRTE / RJ), agency of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), has interdictedpartially the preparatory works for the Olympics to be held in August this year in the city of Rio de Janeiro-RJ.


BWI supports UNI's Geneva action in favour of German trade union organizer expelled from Peru

31 May 2016 06:27

Today, UNI accompanied by the BWI and other Global Union Federations located in the Geneva area presented a letter of solidarity to the Peruvian consulate in Geneva to support Orhan Akman.


Unions in Serbia mark International Workers' Memorial Day

31 May 2016 06:24

On the occasion of International Workers' Memorial Day, representatives of the Trade Union of Workers in Construction and Building Materials of Serbia (SGIGM), visited workers at the factory “Zmaj” in the town of Smederevo.


Macedonia: SGIP starts a new campaign on Health and Safety at Work

31 May 2016 06:20

SGIP, Trade Union of Civil Engineering, Industry for Construction Materials and Projection of Republic of Macedonia, continues to work on campaigns for health and safety at work as the most important segments in the scope of construction and building materials industry.


Successful campaign to organize subcontracted workers in Turkey

17 May 2016 11:20

The Turkish construction workers' union YOL-IS have led an intense campaign to organize the growing numbers of subcontracted road workers in the country.


KFCITU celebrates May Day and expresses gratitude for global solidarity

17 May 2016 11:04

The Korean Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions (KFCITU) and other federations affiliated to the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) celebrated May Day by holding rallies across South Korea.


Philippine Migrant Workers celebrate May Day

17 May 2016 10:57

On 1 May the Filipino Construction Mutual Aid Organisation, a Doha-based community organization that represents building and construction workers, joined more than 600 trade unionists from the Federation of Free Workers for a May Day celebration at the Liwasang Bonifacio monument in Manila, Philippines.


IWMD 2016 - BiH: Union shop stewards discuss prevention of hazards in wood and forestry

17 May 2016 10:54

Marking the 28th of April, the youth and women section of the Independent Trade Union of Forestry, Wood and Paper of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SSSPDPBIH, participated in the thematic round table on “Prevention of hazards and health and safety at work".


Today we march for those who can’t – BWI May Day Statement

17 May 2016 10:50

Today millions of workers around the world will be out on the streets to stand up for workers’ rights.


IWMD 2016 - Youth video from Ukraine

17 May 2016 10:41

Young Ukrainian workers from Kharkiv made a video calling for the ratification of ILO C 167.


Netherlands: Participate in the Child Learn Marathon for a Child Labour Free World on 19 June 2016

16 May 2016 10:09

"We want to ensure all children have access to education and schooling and to improve the wages of adult workers by strengthening trade unions.


Head of Winter Olympics in South Korea resigns from his post after workers’ rights violations

16 May 2016 09:51

On Tuesday the head of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games in South Korea, Cho Yang-ho, announced that he will step down from his post.


Russian trade unions promote decent work before the 2018 World Cup

16 May 2016 09:47

On 19-20 April 2016, a national conference on the 2018 World Cup Decent Work Campaign took place in St-Petersburg, Russia.


BWI denounces massive dismissals of Etex Group in Argentina

16 May 2016 09:44

The BWI expresses its strong support to the strike that has been sustained for more than 10 days by its affiliate Ceramic Workers' Union of the Republic of Argentina (FOCRA) in Plant Azul – a plant of the company Cerámica San Lorenzo, which belongs to the Belgian Etex Group.


Nepal: Strong trade union support for ”free ticket, free visa” scheme

16 May 2016 09:34

The Nepalese government last July began its ”free ticket, free visa” scheme that obligates employers from countries of destination to bear the costs for visa processing and air ticket to hire workers from Nepal – which until now most often has been borne by migrant workers themselves.


The first Collective Bargaining Agreement at Faber Castell in Peru

16 May 2016 09:30

The trade union of workers at Faber Castell in Lima, Peru, signed their first collective bargaining agreement with the management of the German multinational on 26th of April 2016.


11 workers killed in Rio Olympics projects – BWI calls for independent investigation

16 May 2016 09:22

A total of 11 workers have died in the construction for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro over a period of three years, according to information gathered by members of the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) and state labour inspectors.


Peru: General Assembly of the Trade Union of AW Faber Castell Peruana S.A.

27 April 2016 08:40

Workers affiliated to the Trade Union of AW Faber Castell Peruana S.A. developed their General Assembly on sunday April 3rd, 2016.


Unions’ role on health and safety spreads across construction sites

27 April 2016 08:30

With affiliates from more than thirty countries running activities this April 28th, the Building and Woodworkers International (BWI) sets a high bar for other global union federations!


Workers at Italcementi prepare for a national strike

25 April 2016 14:33

The Italian unions Feneal Uil, Filca Cisl and Cgil Fillea representing Italcementi cement workers, have announced a strike in response to the industrial plan proposed by the government, which may result in 415 dismissals this year and further 250 redundancies in 2017.


FIFA is finally taking the first step

25 April 2016 13:04

Today FIFA’s President Gianni Infantino announced that it would, “create an oversight body with independent members to ensure decent working conditions at FIFA World Cup stadiums.”


TARIM ORMAN-IS Panel on “Climate Change and Its Impacts”

22 April 2016 13:53

Civil Servants’ Union of Agriculture, Forestry, Husbandry and Environment (TARIM ORMAN-IS) organised a one-day environment panel called “Climate Change and Its Impacts” with the contributions of Cankaya Municipality, one of the biggest municipality in Ankara, on 5th March 2016


Global unions demand social dialogue with LafargeHolcim

21 April 2016 13:29

IndustriALL Global Union is teaming up with sister organizations, the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) and the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW), to launch an online petition calling on LafargeHolcim to respect workers’ rights and improve health and safety jointly with the trade unions.


New report: FIFA & Human Rights

21 April 2016 13:26

A new report points out an agenda for FIFA how to respect human and labour rights across its global operations.


Strikes and protests against labour reform in France

21 April 2016 13:24

Hundreds of thousands of workers and young people in France have taken to the streets to protest a government reform to alter the 35-hour workweek make it easier to hire and fire workers.


Serbia: SSPS informs about exam on license for professional work on occupational health and safety

21 April 2016 13:17

Within the BWI Project for South East Europe, the Autonomous Trade Union of Road Maintenance Workers of Serbia has organised training during 2015 for licenses for professional work on occupational health and safety.


Namibia : MANWU 2nd youth Conference adopted resolutions and elected a National Executive Committee

21 April 2016 13:16

The 2nd MANWU Youth Conference took place on the 16th and 17th of March 2016 at the Greiters Lodge in Windhoek.


Women and youth of Central Asia and Southeast Europe call for increased participation in trade unions

21 April 2016 13:13

Under the theme ”Building women and youth power” 40 young and women trade unionists from the BWI affiliated unions in Central Asia and Southeast Europe gathered for a seminar and training focused on organizing and campaigning in Belgrade, Serbia on the 3-6th of April.


Internationaler Arbeitergedenktag

20 April 2016 08:52


IWMD: “Strong laws. Strong enforcement. Strong unions.”

20 April 2016 08:35

The BWI is pleased to confirm the international theme for the upcoming 28 April 2016, International Workers’ Memorial Day, “Strong laws. Strong enforcement. Strong unions.”


ARGENTINA: Women for Prevention of Construction Hazards

20 April 2016 08:19

As an initiative of UOCRA’s National Programme for Health and Safety Training, 25 women from union branches around the country participated in an intensive training course.


CFMEU calls for crackdown on dangerous formaldehyde imports

20 April 2016 08:10

A broad scale crackdown on dangerous formaldehyde product imports is urgently needed by the Rudd Government, the CFMEU said today.


BWI slams the tragic death of 23 forest workers in South Africa

20 April 2016 08:05

The BWI has learned of the tragic death of at least 23 forestry workers today in South Africa who were the unfortunate victims of a tragic road accident on their way to work.


Forest Worker Safety Network

20 April 2016 07:49

The Forest Worker Safety Network (FWSN) has been created by the USW, but is open to all workers who are concerned about workplace health & safety.



19 April 2016 16:41



19 April 2016 16:39



19 April 2016 15:53



19 April 2016 13:10



19 April 2016 13:04


Settlement reached for construction workers in Norway

19 April 2016 12:09

The Norwegian union Fellesforbundet has settled an agreement in the national collective bargaining negotiations for the construction sector.


MENA unions condemn EU deal to send back refugees to Turkey

19 April 2016 12:00

For two days in Cairo, representatives of the BWI affiliates from Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands met to strategise on how to ensure the rights of migrants and refugees.


Agreement to protect migrant workers’ rights in Russia

19 April 2016 11:50

In December, the BWI affiliates from Russia and Tajikistan – the Russian Construction Buidling Materials Workers Union and the Building Workers Union of Tajikistan – signed an agreement to strengthen their cooperation to protect the rights of Tajik migrant workers in the preparations for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


Win for migrant workers in Thai seafood industry

19 April 2016 11:48

A partner organisation of the BWI, the Migrant Workers Rights Network (MWRN) in Myanmar, is celebrating a significant victory in the fight for migrant workers rights in the Thai seafood industry.


Turkish union TARIM ORMAN-IS increase their organizing skills and defend the rights of refugees

19 April 2016 11:47

107 union representatives and shop stewards gathered in Antalya, Turkey, to learn and share experiences on how to organise new members to fight for better working conditions – especially for rural forest workers and migrants who work in precarious employment.


Unionists in Tamil Nadu demand protection of migrant workers

19 April 2016 11:45

Indian authorities must do more to protect the rights of workers abroad.


BWI Condemns the Passage of the Cambodian Trade Union Law

19 April 2016 10:08

Trade unions in Cambodia may soon face the bitter reality of having their freedom of association curtailed by the State.


Precarious Work Description

19 April 2016 09:51

Precarious work is a term used to describe non-standard employment which is poorly paid, insecure, unprotected, and cannot support a household.


Amnesty report reveals the ugly side of the beautiful game in Qatar

19 April 2016 09:38

Migrant construction workers building the Khalifa International Stadium for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have been subjected to a range of exploitative practices including forced labour according to a report from Amnesty International.


BWI Support for South Korean Trade Unions Continues

18 April 2016 15:40

The repression against the labour movement in South Korea have caused outrage among trade unions all over the world.


Etex Group: growth solidarity with strike in Argentina

18 April 2016 15:28

Due the importance that the Building and Wood Worker´s International (BWI) gives to the recent conflicts in various countries resulted of the restructuring that Etex Group has carried out since 2013, we published a note of the representatives of Etex Group in Europe at the meeting of the European Works Council.


Solidarity with unions and activists opposing the TPPA signing

18 April 2016 15:25

As trade ministers from 12 Asia-Pacific nations gather to sign off on the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) on Thursday the 4th of February in Auckland (New Zealand), thousands of concerned citizens will voice their opposition to this undemocratic corporate trade and investment deal.


UN expert concerned over threats to democracy in South Korea

18 April 2016 15:17

"Protests helped make this country great, and openness has long been a tradition. I would urge both the people and Government of this country to cherish that legacy,” stated the UN Special Rapporteur Maina Kiai after his visit to South Korea last week.


Wood and Forestry description

18 April 2016 15:11

It is estimated that 30% of the world's area is covered by forests - around 4 billion ha, with around half of that area found in only 5 countries: Russia, Brazil, Canada, the USA and China.


ACT NOW!: Against the massive dismissals of striking workers at Ceramicas San Lorenzo in Argentina!

18 April 2016 15:11

The BWI is calling on all of you to protest against the dismissal of 120 workers by the Belgian Etex-Eternit Group in Argentina Cerámicas San Lorenzo.


Serbia: Round Table on „Law on Public Procurement in the Light of the New EU Directive“

18 April 2016 15:06

The Autonomous Trade Union of Road Maintenance Workers of Serbia, ATURMW, initiated a round table on the topic "Law on Public Procurement in the Light of the New EU Directive on Public Procurement" to be adopted during the second quarter of 2017.


UOCRA Argentina: Interview with Betilda Cuenca

18 April 2016 14:02

I’m Betilda Cuenca.


CCESSA, Nigeria- Interview with Esther Asabe Ahmadu National Woman Coordinator

18 April 2016 14:00

We are from the construction and civil engineering senior staff association (CCESSA) here in Nigeria, based on this year International Women’s day on empowering women to take leadership role in the union, we want to dwell on some few points as the followings.


International Women's Day - South Africa CEPPWAWU Women Leaders are crucial contributors

18 April 2016 13:58

Women are crucial contributors to peace and development in all countries yet they are virtually absent in peace talks and negotiations.


International Women's Day - CUPPEC Nepal: Interview with Rekha Bhujel Chair of the Central Youth Committee

18 April 2016 13:54

My name is Rekha Bhujel from the Central Union of Painters, Plumbers, Electro and Construction Workers (CUPPEC), Nepal


International Women's Day - Interview with Leyla Gusak president of CRH trade union in Nikolaev member of BWI European Women’s Committee

18 April 2016 13:52

On behalf of Construction and Building Materials Workers Union of Ukraine I am sending you greetings for the International Women’s Day.


On International Women’s Day: End violence against all women, regardless of migration status

18 April 2016 13:50

On International Women’s Day: End violence against all women, regardless of migration status

This International Women’s Day, March 8th, is celebrated during a period of intense global movement of migrants and refugees — and corresponding levels of racial and xenophobic hostility as well as inspiring acts of generous humanity.


International Women’s Day 2016 - Value Women’s Work!

18 April 2016 13:46

"We are convinced that trade unions can organise women into trade unions, promote women to leadership positions and empower women to fight for a gender fair society where the work of women and men are equally valued," says Ambet Yuson, general secretary of the BWI.


From the USA to the Philippines: Celebrating Women in the Building Trades

18 April 2016 13:39

“Working as a welder in a construction company where the majority of workers are men is a big challenge for me,” said Melody Lavarez, Chair of the Pinay Tradeswomen.


Macedonia: Women and youth

18 April 2016 13:34

In the frame of the SEE unions' campaign, the BWI affiliate in Macedonia the Union of Civil Engineering, Industry and Planning, SGIP, organised its event “Skilled Women”.


Jordan: 35 women and young workers trained in Campaigning against their exploitation in the Construction and Forestry sectors

18 April 2016 13:33

Amman the capital city of Jordan received on 13th September, 35 women and young workers from BWI Africa and Middle East affiliates for a capacity building session on Campaigning.


Gender Equity description

18 April 2016 13:32

Today, women workers in the BWI sectors throughout the world face enormous challenges. Women workers are often in precarious forms of work and are often paid less than their male counterparts with very little social benefits. Women workers face continuous sexual harassment and employment discrimination. Women workers have limited access to skills training and job advancement. In times of economic crisis, women workers are the first to be terminated.


World Day Against Child Labour 2015: Decent Education for Children, Decent Work for Adults

18 April 2016 13:08

"The issue of child labour continues to underline the close linkage between child labour and lack of access to quality education for children and decent work for adults." says Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of the BWI.


World Day Against child labour: Interview with Coordinator, BWI-Nepal Affiliates Committee in Nepal

18 April 2016 12:59

The recent earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April 2015 has been one of the worst earthquakes in last eight decades and claimed close to 8,500 lives and also resulted in thousands of injuries and widespread damage to houses and buildings.


World Day Against child labour: Interview with a former child labourer now working as a teacher in BWI school in Bihar state

18 April 2016 12:58

Urmila Kumari, an erstwhile Child Labourer now working as a Teacher at the BWI/HKMP run Belgachhi Residential Child Labour School, Bihar State


Join the runs against Child Labour in Schimmert Netherlands on June 14 - funds will go to the schools in India

18 April 2016 12:56

Runners who want to support a good cause on Sunday, June 14th are welcome in the South Limburg Schimmert Netherlands, near the German and the Belgian border.


Turkish union members stand with the anti-mining resistance in Cerattepe

18 April 2016 12:20

The people of Cerattepe, a small district in the Turkish Artvin province by the Black Sea, are struggling to stop their land from being destroyed by a mining company — the Turkish Cengiz Holding that wants to use the land to mine gold, silver and copper.


Union reaches out to flood victims in Chennai

18 April 2016 12:17

The floods that hit Chennai and other parts of south India has killed more than 300 people since last month and over 1.8 million people have been displaced.


“Just Transition” and Decent Work continue to struggle at COP21

18 April 2016 12:15

In the latest version of the COP21 text, Just Transition and Decent Work are still alive but just barely.


ITUC: Climate Summit in the Balance as Governments Waver on “Just Transition”

18 April 2016 12:13

Governments at the Paris climate summit are putting the future of climate action at risk by removing a commitment to human rights and “Just Transition” to a low carbon future from the mandate for action in the Summit’s conclusions.


Neo-Liberalism at the core of climate crisis

18 April 2016 12:11

In a keynote address before COP21 trade union participants, Per-Olof Sjöö, President of the BWI, called for unity and a consensus based approach to create a just transition to a lower carbon economy.


EU and US Oppose Just Transition to Stop Climate Change

18 April 2016 12:06

As of yesterday, both the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) delegation were opposing language in paragraph 2 supported by a number of nations, calling for a “just transition”.


Massive Mobilisation for Climate Justice

18 April 2016 12:04

As world leaders gathers in Paris for the UN Climate conference, people all over the world have taken action to demand their governments to do more to stop climate change.


Russian Timber Workers demand Decent Wages and Sustainable Forestry at their 6th Congress

18 April 2016 12:03

The Russian forestry sector is the largest in the world and has huge potential for development, job creation and replacement of imported goods with domestic products.


Fighting Climate Change in the Building, Wood and Forestry Sectors

18 April 2016 11:49

Building and wood workers can become leading in the transition needed stop climate change, while at the same time creating millions of new jobs around that planet.


Join the Global Climate March on November 29

18 April 2016 11:29

On Sunday millions of people will take to the streets in a global day of action for climate justice.


Join the runs against Child Labour in Schimmert Netherlands on June 14 - funds will go to the schools in India

18 April 2016 11:03

Runners who want to support a good cause on Sunday, June 14th are welcome in the South Limburg Schimmert Netherlands, near the German and the Belgian border.


Netherlands: Participate in the Child Learn Marathon for a Child Labour Free World on 14 June 2015

18 April 2016 10:59

"We want to ensure all children have access to education and schooling and to improve the wages of adult workers by strengthening trade unions. If you share BWI’s vision of a child labour free world, participate in the Child Learn Marathon on 14 June 2015 in Schimmert Netherlands," says Ambet Yuson, general secretary of the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) who supports the event.


Sustainability description

18 April 2016 09:58

Rebuilding our societies according to sustainability criteria will be a well-needed economic injection with many social benefits very important for trade union members. Rebuilding our societies according to economic sustainability will lower unemployment.


Youth Festival in Maierhöfen: A starting point for 370 BWI global youth networking

18 April 2016 09:50

The first BWI youth Festival attended by 370 young workers from all over the world has been opened by the BWI President Klaus Wiesehügel who remembered that thirty years ago he was attending at the same venue to a summer school of young trade unionist from Europe to find solution on how to revive the trade union movement in Western Europe.


BWI Global youth conference in Germany adopted youth resolution on Bangkok Congress

18 April 2016 09:08

The youth for all BWI regions represented at the Festival in Germany have taken this opportunity to hold an half day global conference where they discussed about their future in BWI.


Migrant workers description

18 April 2016 09:04

There are 17.1 million migrant workers across Africa, 44.5 million in North America, 6.7 million in Central and South America, 58.3 million in Asia and Oceania, and 64.1 million in Europe. In all of these regions at least 10 to 15 per cent are irregular migrants.


Trade Union Rights description

18 April 2016 08:59

Trade unionists in many countries continue to face imprisonment, dismissal and discrimination, while legal obstacles to trade union organizing and collective bargaining are being used to deny millions of workers their rights.


Climate change description

18 April 2016 08:43

Climate change affects all of us, not only as consumers but also as workers. The construction, building materials, forestry, and wood industry, employing around 200 million workers, play an important role in contributing to and reducing CO2 emissions. Deforestation is the second largest source of carbon in the atmosphere.


Child labour description

18 April 2016 08:36

Very often, unscrupulous companies use the cheapest form of labour available to cut production costs, even at the risk of endangering the lives of children who work the longest hours and are the worst paid of all workers.


Senseless loss of life as another Indian flyover collapses

12 April 2016 12:47

At least 28 are dead and a further 108 injured after an under-construction flyover collapsed onto a congested market in northern Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal State in the afternoon of Thursday 31 March 2016.


KFCITU May Day Rally Focuses on Safety and Health

12 April 2016 12:46

Dangerous working conditions kills an average of more than two construction workers in South Korea every day.


SGIP in Macedonia signs new agreement with Sinohydro to improve working conditions at the largest infrastructure project in the country

12 April 2016 12:45

On the 12th of November 2015 the construction union SGIP in Macedonia signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese multinational Sinohydro, Granit AD Skopje, Ilinden AD Struga, Transmet Ltd. Skopje, GIM AD Skopje and Victoria Invest from Albania, committing to implement measures on health and safety at work, as well as labour related issues in accordance with the labour regulations of the Republic of Macedonia.


Union safety reps drive down work incidents - UK TUC

12 April 2016 12:44

The 100,000 trade union health and safety representatives in UK workplaces are a major contributing factor to reducing injuries and ill-health at work, according to a new report by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).


Olympics Rio 2016: Organizing Committee incorporates BWI proposals for more security

12 April 2016 12:43

The Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016 has informed the Building and Wood Workers‘ International (BWI) that they have partially incorporated the BWI OHS Protocol as their policies.


Olympics Rio 2016: Occupational Health and Safety Protocol looking for save lives

12 April 2016 12:42

The Building and Wood Workers’ International, BWI, attended to meeting of the Regional Standing Committee on Conditions and Work Environment in the Construction Industry of Rio de Janeiro, the CPR (in Portuguese), on October 12, 2015, in order to bring to the attention of the members of the Occupational Health and Safety Protocol for 2016 Olympics.


Argentina: Fatalities in the Construction Industry are reduced by 43.7%.

12 April 2016 12:40

Thanks to a joint effort of the Argentinean Building Workers Union (UOCRA), a BWI member, with the Argentinean Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO), the Superintendency of Occupational Risks (SRT) and the Union of Occupational Insurers (UART), it was approved the Resolution 1642-1609 which created the Quadripartite Commission of Construction nationwide.


April 28th: Latin America and the Caribbean stands by the Health and Safety at work

12 April 2016 12:38

The Building and Wood Workers` International (BWI), through its members in Latin America and the Caribbean, reacted on the International Workers' Memorial Day and the International Day of Health and Safety at Work.


April 28th: Cuba impulses the Campaign “25 kilos... ¡No more!”

12 April 2016 12:05

Organizations affiliated to the Building and Wood Workers` International (BWI), took part of the “II Trade Union Meeting for the Unity of action on the construction sector workers" held in La Habana, Cuba, as part of celebration of April 28th: International Workers Memorial Day.


IWMD 2015 - Serbia: Long-term investment on health and safety – guaranteed success for SSPS

12 April 2016 12:03

The Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Issues, Directorate for Occupational Health and Safety of the Republic of Serbia has organized in cooperation with social partners a competition for giving National awards in the field of occupational health and safety.


Global Day of Action at Lafarge and Holcim on 28 April 2015

12 April 2016 12:02

The BWI, IndustriAll and EFBWW report a good mobilisation during recent Holcim Annual general meeting in Hallenstadion in Zurich on 13 April 2015.


IWMD 2015: Philippines

12 April 2016 11:55

You can watch an interesting interview with Apolinar Tolentino, Regional Representative for Asia/Pacific.


IWMD 2015: Italy

12 April 2016 10:39

The Italian construction unions affiliated to the BWI have prepared a flyer on accidents, asbestos and occupational diseases for action on the 28th of April.


IWMD 2015: MENA region

12 April 2016 10:37

Affiliates from the MENA region have informed the BWI of their activities.


IWMD 2015: Activities in Africa

12 April 2016 10:35

Affiliates inform the BWI that many activities will be held in the Africa.


Philippines: Lightning Rally to Highlight Safety and Health

12 April 2016 10:34

On April 7, one day prior to the Asia Pacific Regional Conference that was held in Manila, Philippines, members of the BWI affiliates in the Philippines - All Labour Union (ALU) and the National Union of Building and Construction Workers (NUBCW) conducted a lightning picket at Suites construction in Bonifacio Global City.


Bangladesh: BWI undertakes fact finding mission on the deadly building collapse in Mongla Cement Factory

12 April 2016 10:32

“Lessons are not being learned in Bangladesh - again the use sub-standard material, structural deficiencies and neglecting health and safety standards took away 8 precious lives and left 46 injured” said Shahidul Alam, BSBWWF General Secretary while expressing his outrage and disappointment.


Bangladesh: Safety failings take heavy toll on human lives – again.

12 April 2016 10:31

Bangladesh has hit the headlines again with a building collapse and heavy loss of human lives that could and should have been prevented.


Pakistan: PFBWW calls for improved OHS practices as six die in worksite accident at the Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project

12 April 2016 10:29

On 24th December 2014, an accident at the Neelam Jhelum Hydro Power Project under the authority of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in the Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzzafarabad killed a Chinese engineer and five Pakistani workers and also resulted in numerous injuries. The provincial Government has ordered an inquiry.


World AIDS Day 2014

12 April 2016 10:27

On this World AIDS Day 2014, the BWI joins unions from around the world, in their call for governments to bring an end to the AIDS epidemic by 2030.


First issue of the new ITUC health and safety e-news publication

12 April 2016 10:26

Please see here in English, Spanish and French the first issue of the new International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) health and safety e-news publication.


Holcim-Lafarge: Fatal accident in Nobsa subsidiary

12 April 2016 10:25

A labor accident took place at the plant of Holcim, Nobsa subsidiary, Colombia, resulting in the tragic death of Brother Armando Martinez, a worker who was hired by the subcontractor FESA, which supplies workers to this multinational.


TKTMS Reiterates the Need of Safety and Health for Construction Workers

12 April 2016 10:24

Taking into consideration fatal construction site accidents in Tamil Nadu like the recent building collapse at Chennai, India, which resulted in the heavy loss of human lives, President of TKTMS and former General Secretary of TCWF, continues to establish alliances to ensure safe worksites for construction workers.


BWI and IndustriAll conference on asbestos in Vienna issue Vienna Declaration

11 April 2016 15:57

The BWI together with IndustriAll Global Union at the International Asbestos Conference in Vienna, attended by representatives from Trade Unions from 41 countries, the International Trade Union Confederation, the International Union of Foodworkers, IUF, the International Labour Organisation, the International Association of Labour Inspection (IALI) and the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS), issued the following declaration on 7 May 2014.


WMD 2014 Serbia: SGIGM receives an award for health and safety at the workplace

11 April 2016 15:56

On the occasion of the International Workers Memorial Day, the Occupational Safety and Health Directorate of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia awarded the Trade Union of Workers in Construction, Industry of Building Materials of Serbia, SGIGM, for its efforts and dedication in addressing health and safety issues at work place in the construction industry.


IWMD 2014 India: DAMU

11 April 2016 15:54

DANMU organised a joint safety committee meeting, oath, awareness, new workers registration on DBOCWWB, Two Minutes Silent and Candle Light Vigil on DLF Capital Green City Project, L&T-ECC (Division) Workers to commemorate the IWMD.


April 28th: Unions make work safer: A Death, A Stoppage!

11 April 2016 15:54

Continuing the celebration of April 28th, the date intended to remember and pay tribute to workers who have been victims of occupational accidents, occupational diseases, disability and death because of their work activities, this year 2014, affiliated unions of the Building and Wood Workers` International (BWI) raised their voices to perform specific actions together with its affiliates.


April 28th: XI Week of Health and Safety at Work

11 April 2016 15:52

The Construction and Allied Workers' Union from Argentina (UECARA), is preparing once again to celebrate this coming April 28th.


April 28th: The Occupational Safety reaches the radio

11 April 2016 15:51

This year, the Union of Workers in the Construction and Allied Industries from El Salvador (SOICSCES) leads the trade union struggle to Health and Safety at the workplace to the national radio.


April 28th: Public and Private Sector in standstill on April 28th

11 April 2016 15:39

As part of the protest struggle for Safety and Health at Work places, Costa Rican unions affiliated to the BWI will be heard this coming April 28th.


BWI campaign wins award for creating better conditions for workers at mega sports event

11 April 2016 15:25

Earlier this month, leaders of BWI affiliates in Sweden was awarded for their hard-work on ensuring better working and living conditions for workers in the construction sector in relation to international mega-sports events.


Olympics 2016: In the final stretch of the works, the suspension of the document known as Dirty List may worsen working conditions of Brazilian workers

11 April 2016 15:10

An article published by the British newspaper The Guardian, on March 2nd , 2016, shows concern about the possible increase in the number of cases of slavery-like working conditions in Brazil due to not only the suspension of the Dirty List, instrument that implement business restriction to companies benefited directly or indirectly from slavery-like working conditions; but also the proximity to the Olympic games.


Workers face dangerous working conditions and unpaid wages before the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

11 April 2016 15:09

At least two workers have lost their lives due to the inhuman work pressure at construction sites for the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


Strike at the 2018 World Cup “Luzhniki” Stadium in Moscow

11 April 2016 15:04

In 2014, the BWI conducted a fact-finding mission to Moscow as part of its Global Sports Campaign Decent Work noting that Russia will host the 2018 World Cup. At that time, BWI representatives visited 2018 World Cup stadium “Luzhniki”.


Olympics 2016: At the final stretch, workers face problems in the works

11 April 2016 15:00

In the final stretch to finish the preparatory work for the Olympic 2016, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in August 2016, workers are struggling to assert their rights - as payment of the contracts termination, bus passes and others – in three of the works planned for the event.



11 April 2016 14:58

FIFA No more body bags! FIFA No more deaths!


BWI visit to World Cup stadium construction site in Saint Petersburg

11 April 2016 14:56

In 2018 Russia will host the FIFA World Cup in eleven cities Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Kaliningrad, Nizhniy Novgorod, Volgograd, Rostov on Don, Samara, Saransk, and Yekaterinburg.


Discussing sustainability beyond project assistance, and importance of social dialogue in dealing with Chinese MNCs

11 April 2016 14:49

BWI affiliate Ethiopia Industrial Federation of Construction & Wood (EIFCWMC) successfully mainstreamed and integrated HIV and AIDS issues into trade union work and managed to set up HIV/AIDS fund at some workplaces.


Etex Group: BWI and FOCRA presented a complaint to OECD

11 April 2016 14:48

The BWI and the Ceramic Workers' Union of the Republic of Argentina (FOCRA) has filed a complaint against Etex Group under the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises of the The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


NUM signed a 1-year wage agreement with Lafarge-Holcim South Africa

11 April 2016 14:46

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)signed a 1-year wage agreement today with Lafarge-Holcim South Africa.


South Africa: NUM members on indefinite strike at LafargeHolcim

11 April 2016 14:40

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) has called a protected strike for all members working in operations of LafargeHolcim around the country.


Etex Group: growth solidarity with strike in Argentina

11 April 2016 14:34

The BWI published a note of the representatives of Etex Group in Europe at the meeting of the European Works Council.


Cuba: trade union cooperation strengthens against MNCs

11 April 2016 14:32

In the context of updating the Cuban Economic Model an even larger number of multinational companies can invest in various sectors of the economy of this Caribbean island as a joint venture or by maintaining complete control of the enterprise.


Argentina: Strike by dismissals of workers in Plant Azul of Etex Group

11 April 2016 14:30

A statement of last January 8th, sent to the Regional Office of the Building and Wood Worker´s International (BWI) from its subsidiary in Argentina, Ceramic Workers' Union of the Republic of Argentina (FOCRA), reports that the Trade Union if Workers of the Company Ceramica San Lorenzo, belonging to the Plant Azul began a few days ago a total labor strike since the Etex Group fired a "hundred" workers.


Cuba: facing the challenges of multinationals

11 April 2016 14:28

The economic changes that has been implemented in this Caribbean island by decision of its Government and its people are facing the challenge of the large-scale arrival of multinational companies.


Faber Castell Peru: Workers organize in unions

11 April 2016 14:26

With the creation of the Workers' Trade Union of Faber-Castell in Peru a new step is given towards the genuine social dialogue and labour relations between the German multinational and its workers at the facilities of the city of Lima, Peru.


Workers call on FSC to take action against violations of labour rights

11 April 2016 14:23

This morning a number of workers held a picket at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur where the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is currently holding its board meeting.



11 April 2016 14:20

100.000 deaths every year from asbestos: BWI President demands that asbestos be on the agenda of all governments.


WFC 2015: Promoting Decent Work in Forest Certification – Moving Beyond ILO Conventions

11 April 2016 14:17

For the first time ever, the World Forestry Congress (WFC) is hosted in the African region, in Durban South Africa.


BWI supports MTCC/PEFC multi-stakeholders dialogue

11 April 2016 14:15

A BWI delegation attended the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) and Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Multi-Stakeholders Dialogue Conference on 28 July 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


BWI calls for a social approach to forestry certification at the PEFC General Assembly

11 April 2016 14:13

On Thursday forest certification organisations from all over the world came together in Geneva for the General Assembly of the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).


Union voice needed in PEFC

11 April 2016 14:12

After three years as Chair of the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), William (Bill) Street will retire from his post.


BWI and FNV supporting unions organizing in Infrastructure projects in East Africa

11 April 2016 14:06

Thirty three (33) participants among them Jasmin Redzepovic Assistant Education Secretary BWI headquarters, Garikanai Shoko Project coordinator and Kivale Said East Africa Project Coordinator together with FNV regional Consultants Annie Francis and Hope Kabuchu met at Hillpark hotel, Nairobi, Kenya from 13th to 17th MARCH, 2016 with the objectives of assessing the achievements and results of 2015 project activities.


ILO Global Dialogue Forum on Decent Work in infrastructure and construction

11 April 2016 14:02

The BWI had a strong team of construction trade union leaders from Namibia, Uganda, Panama, Brazil, India, Fiji, Germany and Italy, well prepared for this two day intensive ILO Global Dialogue Forum on Decent Work in infrastructure and the construction industry.


SGIP Macedonia signs new agreement with Sinohydro to improve working conditions

11 April 2016 13:54

SGIP in Macedonia signs new agreement with Sinohydro to improve working conditions at the largest infrastructure project in the country.


Kenya: BWI affiliates in East Africa evaluate LO-NORWAY Infrastructure and MNC organizing project

11 April 2016 13:50

Thirteen participants from BWI affiliates in East Africa sub region met in Nairobi on the 5th to 7th November, 2014 to carry out an evaluation of LO-Norway project as well as deliberate on vocational training and technical education in the construction sector.



11 April 2016 12:03



02 March 2016 15:07



Our members have a role to play in areas like climate change, sustainability and child labour.






Die weltweite Stärkung der Gewerkschaftsstärke ist von entscheidender Bedeutung für die effektive Vertretung der Arbeitnehmer in der sektoralen Politik, bei Tarifverhandlungen und bei der Organisation von Arbeitsplätzen.



02 March 2016 15:07



02 March 2016 15:07



02 March 2016 15:07



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02 March 2016 15:07


Agreements and Studies

02 March 2016 15:07



02 March 2016 15:07



02 March 2016 15:07


Agreements and Studies

02 March 2016 15:07



02 March 2016 15:07


IRA und Studien

02 March 2016 15:07


Solidarity with imprisoned construction workers in South Korea

08 January 2016 15:09

The crackdown against the labour movement in South Korea continues.