Republika Srpska: Union pushes for law against harassment at work

The Trade Union Federation of Republika Srpska (SSRS) pushed for the passage of a law to protect workers from harassment at work. 

The draft law prohibits, among other things, sexual harassment, gender-based violence and mobbing. Protection of job seekers is also guaranteed by the measure, stipulating that a worker seeking employment cannot be placed in an unequal position due to race, ethnicity, skin color, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion and belief. 

The proposed measure defines harassment-at-work as any behavior towards a worker or employer which can cause physical, mental and sexual harm. Harassment-at-work could be one-time or continuous, active or passive, between workers or between workers and supervisors, or by third parties with whom workers come into contact in the performance of their duties.

Employers are also obliged by the law to provide education and training activities for trade union representatives.  

The measure was adopted by the country’s National Assembly at the beginning of the year and is scheduled for public hearings. 

SSRS and its affiliate, the Forest, Wood Processing and Paper Trade Union conducted a survey among their members and reported that more than 20 percent of them suffered different forms of harassment.