2022 World Cup: Action Alert! Stand #WithMigrantWorkers

As football fans around the world cheer for their favorite teams competing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, join BWI and its trade union affiliates in creating a global wave of support for migrant workers amongst activists, football fans, players, sports communities and the general public. Let’s show to everyone that we stand with migrant workers.

Through the migrant workers’ efforts, they have built the massive stadium and other related infrastructure so that both football players and fans could fully enjoy the "beautiful game." Without them, the dream of a 2022 World Cup in Qatar would not have been possible.

We are now facing a “penalty shootout” on the legacy of decent work in Qatar. Every voice counts! Let the world know that we stand #WithMigrantWorkers.

Take action and show our support!

  • Join the campaign on social networks and add the red ribbon on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Go here.
  • Wear a red ribbon while watching football games. Share your photo/s on social media platforms with the hashtag #WithMigrantWorkers
  • Share photos, videos of you and your friends wearing red ribbons and/or holding campaign banners at workplaces and/or during football matches. Download the posters.  Get the socmed cards
  • Retweet and share videos, social media banners, and other materials that support migrant workers using the hashtag #WithMigrantWorkers
  • Don't forget to use and share our hashtag #WithMigrantWorkers.

Organizations and individuals who want to join the campaign can email us at info(at)bwint.org

For more information, visit the following: 


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