CGU’s Philippine affiliates join global call for an end to Myanmar junta

Marking the second year since a military junta deposed Myanmar's democratically-elected civilian government, the Council of Global Unions-Pilipinas (CGU-Pilipinas) held a solidarity protest in front of the Myanmar embassy in Makati, Philippines to call for an end to military rule in the country.  

The action was in response to the appeal made by the Confederation of Trade Unions in Myanmar (CTUM) for the global unions to support the silent strike it organised on the second anniversary of the coup d’état. 

The Philippine labour groups, including the Nagkaisa Labour Coalition, called for the release of thousands of political prisoners, including trade unionists, who remain in jail since the junta unleashed a crackdown against Myanmar’s trade unions.

According to CGU, aside from the 2,892 people who have been killed by the junta, 17,481 people – including many trade unionists – have also been arrested, with 13,680 still in detention. The brutal suppression of non-violent protest also led to the creation of armed groups, and Myanmar is now in a state of civil war.

Nagkaisa said that the Myanmar people rightfully deserve the unconditional support of the global community, which can be done by pressing governments to deny recognition of the military junta and by supporting the international call for the restoration of the civilian government in Myanmar.

The Global Unions also demanded that multinational companies cut their ties that benefit the junta directly or indirectly.


The protesting trade unionists hoped that the struggle in Myanmar does not only get justice but also leads to both the restoration of the civilian government and deeper democratisation of the country.