BWI Affiliates in Asia Support the Italian Unions’ Call for a General Strike

14 March 2019 23:00

Dave Noonan, Vice President of BWI Asia Pacific Region and National Construction Secretary of CFMEU of Australia led a rallying call of support for the General Strike called by BWI’s three Italian affiliates---FILLEA-CGIL, FILCA-CISL, and FENEAL-UIL on 15 March. 


Sandar Pyo, Assistant General Secretary of CTUM of Myanmar leads chants of support for the General Strike in Italy.


Kim Kyung Shun, Vice-President of the KFCITU of South Korea, Chair of the Regional Women’s Committee and member of the BWI World Council shouts, “On behalf of the KFCITU we extend our solidarity greetings to the Italian construction union’s general strike and support your demands for equal pay equal work, investment for public infrastructure projects, and job creation. In solidarity, struggle, struggle, we are united.”