Sweden: Byggnads starts new CBA negotiations

(Photo: Byggnads)

The Construction and Building Materials Workers Union of Sweden (Byggnads) started to collectively bargain for the renegotiation of five collective agreements that cover 100,000 construction workers, glass industry workers, plumbers, and assemblers.

Byggnads explained that its key demands are focused on working hours, a 4.4 wage increase, pension allowance increase, parental leave, occupational health and safety rules, health examinations, healthcare allowance, and decent dressing rooms. In relation to construction industry, Byggnads’ collective bargaining negotiation focuses on limiting long subcontractor chains.

Last 14 February, Byggnads mobilised trade union members and organised public actions to support their CBA demands. Its youth wing, the UNGA BYGGARE also joined the actions to support the negotiating team and show that young construction workers are behind the CBA demands.

“We are the hands that built Sweden. We deserve better and safer workplaces, and our fair share of the profits,’ said Johan Lindholm, Byggnads President.