Unions to strengthen presence in Amazon basin, call on COP27 to fulfill climate commitments

BWI’s wood and forestry workers based in different Amazon basin countries and linked to South America’s forest industry value chain held a two-day conference on 7-8 November in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The conference, which took place alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference- COP27, discussed the global and regional environmental situation, precarious work and the illegal exploitation of resources in the world's largest biodiversity reserve. 

The trade unionists agreed to strengthen trade union presence in the Amazon region and proposed to Brazil’s President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to call on the COP27 to bring back to its priority agenda the protection of the Amazon forest, river and its tributaries, and the fulfillment of outstanding commitments to mitigate the emission of carbon gases. 

To strengthen their climate justice campaign, the trade unions also agreed to reactivate the Network of Trade Unions of the Amazon Basin. They vowed to deepen their involvement in the international monitoring of the region, particularly critical communities, related institutions and government authorities. Certification firms such as the FSC and PEFC, which the unions are part of, will be maximised as venues to promote climate justice.  


The meeting preceded the implementation of concerted climate justice actions amongst European organisations and affiliates in Latin American countries which are part of the Amazon basin, such as the French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.