Ambet Yuson inaugurated the Africa and Middle East Regional Office in Johannesburg

31 May 2016 06:51


11 May 2016 was a memorable and historical day for BWI Africa and Middle East affiliates. This day took place at Glenvista in Johannesburg a solemn Ceremony of inauguration of BWI Africa and Middle East office led by Ambet Yuson the General secretary of BWI accompanied by AFRECO President Piet Matosa and the leadership from BWI Africa and Middle East all sub regions. The ceremony also gathered BWI staff and partners and trade unions leadership from South Africa. 

The General Secretary of BWI Ambet Yuson declared in his first words: ‘’ I am very glad to be here. This the gift of BWI global to Africa and Middle East region when starting the ceremony. The building we both is symbolizing a permanent commitment of BWI to support the struggle in Africa and Middle East region.’’ ‘’ This is only an office where we meet freely and organize our struggle because the struggle is beyond structures. We should go out and organize our workers and meet again here to share our achievement and develop new strategies has concluded the BWI General Secretary. 

Being a special day for BWI Africa and Middle East region, Piet Matosa pointed out that we are here today to celebrate our struggle and to witness that the affiliation fees paid by our members are not in vain. BWI has decide to invest in this building that is the first property of BWI since its inception and thanks to the vision and foresight of the leadership of the region and the regional representative Crecentia Mofokeng who worked hard to convince the General Secretary , the World Board and World Council to authorize the project. 

Africa and Middle East regional leadership represented by Wafulla Wa Misamia from East Africa, Hassan Chebil from North Africa, Joshua Ansah from West Africa, Diarraf Ndao from Francophone Africa, Edna Opoku Boakye from the Regional Women Committee and Timana Jeremias from Southern Africa expressed their satisfaction for the good accomplishment of the project that is a big and solid foundation for the generations to come.