Gaza: BWI condemns bombing of General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions’ building

The headquarters of the General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions in Gaza City was reportedly bombed by an Israeli aircraft on 7 March 2024, a day before International Women’s Day. This marked the fourth bombing incident suffered by the Federation, with the most recent attack dating back to 2014, which resulted in the destruction of three of its subsidiary headquarters.

The Federation’s building not only serves as a hub for trade union activities but also houses vital community services, including a kindergarten catering to approximately 380 boys and girls, a large automated bakery, and other essential facilities for Palestinian civilians.

Given the challenging circumstances, the Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI) vehemently condemns and denounces the bombing. BWI stands in solidarity with the workers of Palestine, who continue to face indiscriminate bombings. With its 12 million members worldwide, BWI pledges its unwavering support and assistance to the Federation in rebuilding its headquarters, as affirmed by its Secretary-General, Shahr Saad.

BWI calls upon workers worldwide to unite in solidarity with the Palestinian working people. We urge for an immediate ceasefire and the protection of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.