Brésil : La campagne pour l'égalité hommes-femmes lancée

12 August 2019 15:11

Aline Ferle, President of SINTRACOM Dourados in meeting with women construction workers

During the entire month of August, SINTRACOM Dourados, an affiliate of BWI in Brazil will carry out a campaign aimed to provide women construction workers the opportunity to publicly talk about the problems and challenges they face at the workplace.

"By the Elas Por Elas (Her For She) Social Trade Union Action", launched officially on 26 July, the union will identify and strengthen specific points to be included in the union’s collective bargaining agreements as an effort to combat gender inequality and gender-based violence in the workplace.

"In our CBAs, we have few guidelines that address specific issues pertaining to women at the workplace", stated Aline Ferle, President of SINTRACOM Dourados, one of the few trade union women presidents representing workers in the construction industry in Brazil.  She continued: "Although female participation in the construction industry has increased in recent years, trade unions are not fully prepared to address our presence at construction sites resulting in lack of inclusion of  women issues the  trade union".

SINTRACOM Dourados will utilize testimonies obtained during the month of August to develop a specific Action Plan for women. The information will be collected by meeting with women workers at the workplace and at training activities.

"I am SINTRACOM Dourados"