Historic founding of new union federation in Spain

31 May 2016 07:06

On May 12-13 the Industry, Construction, and Agriculture Workers Federation, UGT-FICA in Spain held its founding congress. 


The new federation has over 300,000 members and was created as a result of the resolutions adopted at the 42nd Confederal Congress of the UGT, where six state federations within the UGT merged into three in order to optimize resources and provide better dynamic in the defence of workers. 


“Today, you are making history. Today, you are taking a bold step forward in creating a new national federation that will bring together workers from the construction sector, graphics sector, agriculture sector, and the manufacturing sector,” said BWI’s general secretary Ambet Yuson when addressing the congress and continued: 


“Governments promised economic recovery but instead they have introduced harsh austerity measures which has worsened the lives of working families. Trade unions are facing attacks where the very nature of our existence is under threat. To meet these challenges, we need new strategies rooted in the traditions of militant trade unions - solidarity, unity, and the fighting spirit,” he said. 

Elected officers include Carlos Romero as President, Pedro Hojas as General Secretary and Antonio Deusa as Deputy General Secretary.