BWI launches Women in Trades Global Research Report

As part of its efforts to the promotion of gender equality in the construction industry, BWI launched its Women in Trades Global Research Report to promote women’s access to skills trainings and secure their employment in the industry. 

Providing practical examples of the activities trade unions in different regions are undertaking, the research report examines how the said unions have changed their statutes or organising strategies to recruit women members and bring them into decision-making structures. 

The study also collects “good practice examples” of collective bargaining gains and makes recommendations about future work in this area.

BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson said that due to COVID-19, the need to build social justice on the basis of gender equality becomes more crucial. He said that the push for post-COVID 19 green economic recovery plans must always include the agenda of women workers.  

“Trade unions have a key role to play in advocating for skills training opportunities for women so they can access good quality jobs; and should put forward women’s specific demands about the working environment through collective bargaining and in other negotiating forums. For women to remain working in the trades, we need to first increase their numbers and they need respect from their co-workers and employers, equal pay, family-friendly working conditions and safety at work and on the journey to and from worksites,” Yuson said. 

The study was originally conceived by Jin Sook Lee, BWI’s former Global Campaigns Director. She passed away not long after holding a preliminary on the outline and contents of the report.