Poland: Union secures another win for IKEA workers

Hot on the heels of their success in reinstating their president, Dariusz Kawka, the NSZZ Solidarnosc has achieved yet another significant victory in the fight for workers' rights at the IKEA Industry factory in Lubawa, Poland.

According to the union, on  26 October, a local court officially recognised its members and compelled the IKEA factory to acknowledge them as well. Since 2019, the IKEA management in Lubawa had filed various legal cases against the union. It questioned the legitimacy of its members and even disputed the actual number of union members employed at the plant. NSZZ Solidarnosc has now confirmed that they have over 500 members.

“This latest triumph is a crucial step forward for IKEA workers. Each victory we secure makes our union stronger and more united. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the workers for their trust and support. We are committed to meeting their expectations and safeguarding workers' rights," stated Kawka.