Turkiye: Union pushes for improved working conditions amidst climate crisis

TARIM ORMAN-IS held a climate change and forestry panel discussion in October of last year in Antalya with the participation of forest rangers and engineers to learn and discuss the devastating impact of climate change and extreme weather conditions on working conditions in the forestry sector.

The panel sessions were led by four academics, addressing the urgent issues of climate change, deforestation, and the escalating incidence of wildfires impacting not only Turkey but the entire Mediterranean region. Participants highlighted the significant depletion of forests and natural resources, emphasising concerns such as the leasing of forested areas, excessive production demands, and exploitation by mining companies. The discussions highlighted the importance of advocating against the growing vulnerability of forest workers, who face heightened risks due to extreme weather conditions and wildfires, particularly since 2021.

The panel concluded with a commitment from TARIM ORMAN-IS to persist in its advocacy against precarious and unregistered labour in the forestry industry. The union aims to improve working conditions to a standard that incorporates climate-related measures, aligned with the BWI’s campaign. Union President Sukru Durmus further stressed the ongoing efforts to thwart industrial plantation, address misguided forest management policies contributing to deforestation and forest fires, and ensure the provision of protective equipment for forest workers.