Guidance for trade unions on COVID-19

As new COVID-19 variants emerge amidst the world’s continuing efforts to control the pandemic, BWI has released a practical health and safety guidebook to assist trade unions on how to work safely during the pandemic. 

BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson said that the guidebook has been developed out of concern that leaders, staff and members of trade unions must stay safe from the risk of COVID-19.

BWI has applied what has been learnt from affiliates on best practices and their experiences at workplaces, to come up with guides and advise  on how to continue with trade union work protecting workers during the global pandemic. 

“BWI cares about the health and safety of its affiliates. While trade unionism has to continue during this challenging pandemic, we must all take care to keep each other safe. Through this guidebook, we hope to make it safer and easier for our affiliates to conduct their trade union activities,” Yuson said.  

The guidebook is divided into three practical guidelines which were set up in an easy to read format using infographics and ‘decision trees’ to provide BWI affiliates the a step by step process to consider all aspects of risks of exposure to COVID-19 at union offices and during the activities conducted by unions as well as the actions needed to mitigate these. 

Three advisories are also included which provide detailed information on COVID-19 and practical information about PPE, cleaning and disinfection. 

Download the guidebook.   

It is also available in the following languages: Spanish  French   Hindi  Portuguese  Russian   Arabic  Serbian