Brazil: SINTRAPAV-PR protects workers during shutdown

05 April 2020 07:27

The Trade Union of Workers in Construction of Roads and Public & Private Works of the State of Parana (SINTRAPAV-PR) has successfully concluded an agreement with its employer for the safe return to their families of 6,000 complete with transportation tickets, wages and full benefits. The said agreement was reached as part of a deal to protect workers from COVID-19.  

“Our direct and respectful dialogue with Kablin company allowed us to reach an agreement with them to temporarily stop all construction projects while securing our labour rights and welfare under the national CBA,” said President of SINTRAPAV-PR, Raimundo R. Santos Filho.

Filho reported that the agreement secured the health, safety and incomes of his members. He pointed out that the deal will equally benefit the company as it is ensured of healthy and capable workers who all pledged to return to work after the health crisis. 

The BWI affiliate union said that the decision to shut down Klabin Pulp and Paper's Puma II project, which is reported to be one of the biggest private investments in Brazil, was the result of discussions with workers and local communities expressing fear over the spread of COVID-19. The project has temporarily ceased its operations and will resume on 15 April.  

The Puma II Project represents an investment of R$ 9.1 billion for the expansion of the current pulp production capacity and the assembly of two new paper machines. The project is partially funded by the World Bank which recently audited the project with the participation of SINTRAPAV-PR. The project is also organized by the Construction Workers Union of Telemaco Borba (STICM-TB), also a BWI affiliated trade union.