BWI releases regional reports on COVID-19

15 May 2020 14:09

BWI on Friday released four (4) regional reports from Africa-MENA, Asia-Pacific, Pan-Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean on its affiliates’ various responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson lauded the reports and the affiliates for their commitment and service amidst extremely difficult times.

"I am proud of our affiliates. Even in the face of unprecedented challenges, our unions are delivering on their commitment to their members and workers in general. Together, we have shown once more the power and relevance of unions in protecting the rights and welfare of workers," Yuson said.

The reports outlined the challenging situation of the regions and the different social agreements and “pathways” pushed by trade unions either independently or in partnerships with governments and employers. Issues taken up by affiliates were also presented. Various initiatives on issues of employment and income security, health and safety at workplaces, migrant workers’ welfare and social protection and humanitarian actions were richly discussed.  

The reports also focused on new and emerging organising methods to respond to the “new normal.”   

The North America report will follow soon, as well as the various language versions of the reports.

Read the reports here:

Africa-MENA Report in EN

Asia-Pacific Report in EN

Pan-Europe Report in EN

Latin America and the Caribbean Report in EN

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