Qatar: 2023 Migrant Workers Cup

Migrant community organisations in Qatar organised on 23 April a friendly football tournament in Doha. The event celebrated labour and sports as levers for social change, and sparked the passion of around 350 men and women migrant workers from the construction, hospitality, medical services, as well as household workers who joined the ceelbration. Several teams composed of men and women from 11 countries took the stage and played to raise together the “Workers’ Cup”, four months after the 2022 FIFA World Cup had left town.

Representatives from BWI, FIFPRO, PSI, the Italian, Belgian, British trade unions and other civil society representatives from the UK Show Racism the Red Card and the British MP, joined the celebrations and pledged to sustain the momentum of labour reforms, through improved awareness and dialogue, beyond the spotlight of the FIFA World Cup. 

Commenting on the event, Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary said: “Long after the games are over, migrant workers continue to be part of Qatar’s labour force. They have contributed to make the World Cup’s dream possible for millions football fans. It is time to recognise their value for society and ensure the tournament leaves a legacy everybody can be proud of.”