Fatimah Mohammad elected as PEFC International Board Member

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) has elected BWI’s Fatimah Mohammad to its 14-member International Board in its 25th Annual Assembly held last November. 


In her acceptance speech, Mohammad said that by combining the diverse views and backgrounds of PEFC’s different stakeholders, a wholistic approach to analyse and respond to forestry issues and concerns can take place. She lauded PEFC for adopting an ambitious social agenda, such as being the first to incorporate the international core labour conventions in the chain of custody standard. 

She expressed hope that the guidelines on the social requirements in the COC will be finalised soon, noting the progress that has been made in the COC working group. “On behalf of BWI, I commit our members to help PEFC put together a comprehensive remote training module,” she said. 

Mohammad, who hails from the Union of Forestry Department Employees Sarawak (UFES-Malaysia) used the occasion to draw attention to the situation of women workers in the industry. “The forestry industry is not yet fully gender-responsive or at the very least a safe, neutral working environment for women workers. We should develop and strengthen PEFC’s gender policies to make the forest and forest-based industry a safe and welcoming workplace for women workers,” she said.  

Mohammad will occupy the seat left behind by the late BWI Global Campaign Director Jin Sook Lee until the end of 2021. 

BWI President Pier-Olof Sjoo was PEFC’s keynote speaker. He reflected on BWI and PEFC’s 10-year cooperation, particularly in providing verifiable outcomes to the social component of the PEFC Certification and clear indicators to ensure that certificated companies meet all necessary requirements.