ASD Laminate continues to bust union in Turkey

Around 180 members of the BWI-affiliated Turkish Wood and Paper Industry Workers’ Union (AGAC-IS) were illegally dismissed by ASD Laminat as part of the company’s retaliatory move after the union won a recent court decision affirming its right to organise and collectively bargain. 

It can be recalled that in 2017, AGAC-IS organised an overwhelming majority of workers at the ASD Laminat factory in Düzce, Turkey. The trade union then successfully obtained the legal authority from the Ministry of Labour to start collective bargaining negotiations with the company. ASD Laminat responded by filing a court case against the union.

After five years, the court issued a ruling confirming the union’s right to organise and collectively bargain. ASD Laminat, refusing to accept its loss in a court case it filed in the first place, has reportedly resorted to harassment and illegally firing trade unionists in a desperate effort to dissuade workers from supporting the union.

AGAC-IS said that the firing of trade unionists employed at ASD Laminat is a usual tactic of employers who are against the unionisation of workers. The union said that it plans to file a formal complaint against ASD Laminat before the Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), saying that the company’s anti-worker behaviour is contrary to FSC’s Core Labour Standards. 

ASD Laminat is a decorative laminate manufacturer supplying to more than 65 countries across the globe. It is a holder of Chain of Custody Certification from the FSC.