BWI launches 555 organising program

To prepare for the possible massive impact on workers of the different countries’ COVID-19 recovery plans and secure union membership, BWI launched the “555 Program,” an overarching organising program focused on working on five large-scale construction projects in each of the five regions where BWI is present at, all within the timeframe of five years. 

The program aims to sustain a number of infrastructure projects from different parts of the world that can be monitored and targeted for building capacity within the regions and among affiliates. 

The program’s focus on the said number of projects intends to effectively gather the latest information and data sourced from each of the projects to support BWI’s global lobbying and campaign efforts, as well as act as pilot projects for various collaborations and project activities. 

The program will also approach strategic areas of intervention and include activities essential to achieve tangible progress within the BWI convergencies, primarily focusing on building trade union strength.

To prepare for the program, last September, a virtual strategic session was held with BWI affiliate trade unions working on big-ticket projects in Mena Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe. The session conducted a needs assessment and strategic planning to identify possible areas of intervention for each project.

In total, 25 large-scale infrastructure projects have been selected globally. Each of these projects will be directly monitored by BWI’s regional and global staff.

To know more about the said projects, please visit BWI’s new interactive organising map.