SASK launches campaign on migrant workers’ rights

SASK, the Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland, in cooperation with the BWI-affiliated Finnish Construction Trade Union (Rakennusliitto) launched a campaign to promote migrant workers’ rights in Qatar leading to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

Under the theme “Pelin hinta” or “cost of games,” the campaign urges trade union partners and allies to talk about and improve the labour rights and working conditions of migrant workers in Qatar, and encourages sports fans worldwide to listen, learn and lend their voices to migrant workers who don’t get to speak at many construction sites. 

The campaign, which will run from 18 November 2021 to December 2022, aims to ensure that sports events in the future would happen with deep respect for human and labour rights.  

Aside from this, SASK is actively collaborating with BWI to negotiate improvements to workers' rights in Qatar, alongside with Fifa and local authorities.

for more information on the campaign, go here.