BWI young unionists get ready for world congress

To prepare young affiliates for its Global Congress this October, BWI convened a global online meeting of young trade union officials on 16 March to strategise the sector’s next steps. 

The participants were familiarised with different types of proposed resolutions and amendment documents, and how they can be submitted to the congress. A draft youth resolution and amendment were presented to participants for discussions to finalise the text of both documents, which were highly supported by BWI’s young members. 

A session evaluating BWI’s youth programs and activities was also conducted. It included an exchange on issues that young trade unionists can include in BWI’s next strategic youth plan. Some of these are: 1) youth’s active presence in unions and their structures, 2) quality vocational training and apprenticeship programmes, 3) climate change and a just transition, 4) preparation of young workers for the digitalisation of the world of work, 5) mental health, and 6) decent work as a response to the precariousness and casualisation of jobs. 

The young participants appreciated the role played by BWI in increasing youth participation in its numerous events, and in providing trainings for young workers to enhance their capacity in organising and campaigning. They fully agreed that BWI campaigns and other activities reflect relevant youth issues that require global solidarity. The young workers requested BWI to continue its efforts to networking and organising efforts amongst young members of its affiliates. 

In the spirit of solidarity, the youth participants agreed to release a statement of solidarity for Ukraine and its workers, particularly the BWI-affiliated PROFBUD. They echoed the call to secure the rights of Ukrainian workers, such as on social security and timely release of salaries, so that they could provide for the basic needs of their families amidst a war. 

The BWI Youth will meet again in June to plan their efforts for the International Youth Day on 12 August.