Webinar: Young workers' perceptions toward recovery

BWI invites you to a youth-led webinar titled “Leading Transformation: Young Workers’ Perceptions Toward Recovery,” which will be held on 7 October 2021 at 14:00 CEST to 16:10 CEST

The webinar is an opportunity for young unionists and activists to share their visions on how the road to recovery from COVID-19 should look like. We will discuss the latest developments and trends amongst trade unions in the ongoing process to shift away from the old pandemic world to a new and better future.  

The pandemic has profoundly affected the people’s health, employment and incomes, with the economies of many countries turned upside down. The global economic downturn has reached record-breaking lows. We are now in the middle of a worldwide crisis comprised of rapidly deteriorating standards of living, with millions of young people bearing the brunt of the catastrophe. The crisis triggered many governments to rely on austerity measures that only exacerbated inequality, unemployment, unsafe working conditions, authoritarianism and xenophobia. 

Thus, BWI Youth, conscious of the key role young people play in revolutionary transformation, would like to discuss the opportunities open to the global trade union movement, particularly to young trade unionists and workers, to pave the way for a fairer, greener, and more equal future. 

In particular, we will discuss the following: 

  • The rise of far right politics and populism and their implications to young labour,
  • Young workers’ major demands to build working class power and unity amidst the need for a clear path to recovery from COVID-19
  • Unions’ various campaigns and actions inspired, initiated and led by young workers

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