BWI to Heidelberg Materials' French subsidiary: Heed striking workers’ demands

BWI is protesting the lack of social dialogue at the Calcia cement plant in Couvrot, France, one of the Heidelberg Materials group’s subsidiaries, as it continues to monitor a strike mounted by workers of the said plant on 6 September. 

Aside from pushing for genuine dialogue, BWI is supporting the following demands of workers:

  • Improvements on working conditions.
  • A halt on job cuts which led to unjust workload increase.
  • A EUR 1,500 bonus to compensate for increase in cost of living.
  • Social dialogues

In a letter addressed to Calcia France Director Bruno Pillon and Calcia Site Director  Sergio Tosi on 26 September, BWI pressed for the just resolution of the labour dispute and vowed to continue communicating with the company’s human resources department until the workers’ demands are fully addressed.