Action Alert: Mobilise for Myanmar's National Unity Government!

The Building and Woodworkers’ International (BWI) is calling on all its affiliates worldwide to organise mass actions from 19 to 23 of September to call on the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to immediately and unconditionally recognise Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG). 

In the said dates, the UNGA will deliberate on the credentials of those applying as representatives of member states. This is crucial for the recognition of the NUG. 

Recently, BWI and fellow Global Unions submitted a letter to the UNGA President and the UN Credentials Committee wherein we called for the recognition of the NUG and stronger actions against the military junta.   

It is important that we add our voice to the global clamour for the UN to take a definitive stand. BWI urges all affiliates to hold their solidarity actions before the Embassies and/or Consular Offices of Myanmar, freedom parks and other relevant areas in their respective countries.  

Please use our campaign poster, document (photos and videos) your actions, post them online and/or send them to the BWI secretariat. Use the hashtags #Workers4Myanmar #RecogniseNUG and  #FreeMyanmar.  

Lastly, please sign our petition.

Long live solidarity!