Brazil to host BWI 6th World Congress

The Building and Woodworkers’ International (BWI) concluded on 7 October its 5th World Congress in Madrid, Spain by asking its affiliates to reflect on the challenges and opportunities workers face and how they can help shape the future globally and at home. 

Newly elected BWI President Per-Olof Sjöö said that the challenges are part of a long-term shift in the balance of power. “Opportunities come from the prospect of and the possibility to shift that balance.,” he said. 

Sjöö also announced that Brazil will be hosting BWI’s 6th World Congress in 2026. “From Spain, we will go to Brazil. And within this period, we will continue to organise beyond borders. For the people. For peace. And for the planet,” he said. 

“We have reached the end of BWI’s 5th Congress. It has been a productive and exciting week. When we return home, we will continue to do the hard work. It is our work, together, that can shift the balance of power in the world and globalise social justice. Vamos!” Sjöö concluded.