BWI congratulates US trade unions on election win

(Photo: San Franciso Chronicle)

BWI, through its General Secretary Ambet Yuson, joins its American trade union affiliates in celebrating their historic electoral victory, which it hopes will create ripples of positive change worldwide and build the necessary momentum to defend democracy, promote gender equality and secure human and trade union rights against the spread of authoritarian populism. 


BWI is greatly inspired by the strength, courage and unity of the American trade unions, youth movements and grassroots communities. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and numerous obstacles to the ballot box, they have used new and innovative organising methods to mobilise voters in record-high numbers to counter the spread of racism, hate, misogyny and authoritarianism encouraged by the White House. 


BWI stands in solidarity with the American people as they start the challenging process of healing, reforming their damaged democratic institutions and building back better. We hope that President-elect Joe Biden will immediately craft and push forward a truly progressive agenda to strengthen labour rights in the country, generate new jobs with fair wages and create a better future for all American workers.