BWI launches 5th World Congress theme and logo

As BWI moves closer to its 5th World Congress in Madrid, Spain, it launched its official Congress theme and logo to embody the urgent call for workers to take action amidst the various issues threatening the planet, peace and humankind.

BWI will carry the theme “Vamos,” a Spanish term which means “let’s go” to indicate the urgency of the Congress’ call for action. It will be followed by the message “Organise Beyond Borders” to reiterate the principle of internationalism, particularly the need to intensify global trade union building; and underscore the imperative to break barriers that promote inequality in gender, digitalisation and work status. 

To identify the various aspects of its strategic actions for the next Congress period, BWI added the message “For the People. For Peace. For the Planet” to highlight the wholistic role of trade unions in societies and the global arena.

For the logo, the five (5) lines of dots indicate the five (5) regions where BWI is present at, while the colour scheme represents trade unionism, the climate and environment, forest and wood industries, the women’s movement, the building materials and construction sectors and our blue planet. The myriad of colours also pays homage to Spain, the vibrant country which will host BWI’s 5th Congress.  


The Congress week starts on the 3rd of October with two-day statutory meetings and parallel thematic conferences on innovative trade unionism and women in trades. They will be subsequently followed by a two-day Congress Plenary. The entire affair will be capped by a solidarity dinner on the 7th of October, Friday evening.  


Vamos! See you in Madrid!  

Download the Congress logos here and here.