Latin America and the Caribbean: Unionists celebrate unity, share BWI regional presidency

In an extraordinary demonstration of solidarity and unity, two Brazilian trade unions agreed to share the term of the presidency of the BWI Regional Committee on Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Denilson Pestana will serve as regional president from 2022 to 2024, while Raimundo Ribeiro Santos Filho will serve the remaining half of the term which will end in 2026. 

Pestana is a carpenter by trade, and the president of the Union of Workers in the Construction and Furniture Industries of Londrina and Region (SINTRACOM). He is also the finance secretary of FETRACONSPAR, the Brazilian affiliate that brings together 39 trade unions based in different industries, mostly from the wood industry. 

Meanwhile, Filho is the president of the Union of Workers of the Heavy Construction Industries in the State of Paraná (SINTRAPAV). He has a technical background in accounting, and a bachelor's degree in economics.

The co-sharing agreement was suggested by BWI-affiliated trade unions that attended a BWI Regional Assembly of Delegates, which was ratified unanimously at the 17th Regional Committee Meeting held on 8 July.

The agreement also extends to share the term of the BWI Global Vice President which will commence in the conclusion of BWI’s 5th World Congress this October in Madrid, Spain. 


The newly-elected regional leaders lauded the achievements of outgoing BWI Regional Committee President Saul Méndez of SUNTRACS-Panama, who is also in his last year as BWI Global Vice President.